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<ul><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 1/25</p><p>The World As Obstacle</p><p>By Franois CharronTranslated from French by</p><p>Meagan Maguire</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 2/25</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 3/25</p><p>Insoncscient thought enters into this space with a single step.The seconds go to sleep in my memory.</p><p>"ome li!ing people act out the comedy.</p><p>"ome curious ones !enture out onto the roofs.</p><p>A ghost does not disappear.</p><p>The night is filled with shadows.</p><p>There are still a million stars possible.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 4/25</p><p>The stones are blind.The room is deserted.</p><p>The situation worsens.</p><p>The days drift on.</p><p>One knows !ery few things.</p><p>One still knows nothing.</p><p>#ature is mistaken.</p><p>$ertain difficulties remain tenacious.ittle by little the situation calms down.</p><p>A glimmer li!es in the body.</p><p>The plants breathe.</p><p>One takes the temperature of water.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 5/25</p><p>"omeone has empty hands."omeone lowers their eyes.</p><p>We think she might miss us.</p><p>Absentmindedly we fidget with our fingers.</p><p>A line is drawn on the ground.</p><p>The same person lifts their head three times.</p><p>It is another thing that calls upon us.</p><p>%ere the lea!es co!er the ground.The line will ne!er mo!e.</p><p>Time seems to sleep.</p><p>#othing mo!ed closer.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 6/25</p><p>A ball rolls on the ground.A glass is o!erturned.</p><p>A car splatters a pedestiran.</p><p>In this place obstacles are in the way.</p><p>In the same place a balloon floats.</p><p>A witness heard things said.</p><p>There are little black eyes that twinkle.</p><p>%e knocks on a door.%e waits to see if someone is coming.</p><p>A neighbor throws his flowers into a basket.</p><p>The flowers reappear at the moment of a meal.</p><p>The truth lights up on their faces.</p><p>#o one recogni&amp;es it.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 7/25</p><p>A black s uare on the brown earth.An empty room near a star.</p><p>"omeone makes knots in a cord.</p><p>Ideas slowly tear themsel!es to shreds.</p><p>(aking the decision to abandon e!erything.</p><p>A sword lies at the bottom of the pond.</p><p>The grass barely grows.</p><p>A circumstance like this one is not natural.The landscape is not natural.</p><p>It is only through action that one succeeds at something.</p><p>$rying next to an empty room.</p><p>The sword will not go any further.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 8/25</p><p>)y chance you must cross the road.A portrait follows us e!erywhere.</p><p>We stop and are stunned.</p><p>We stop and we start again.</p><p>There is rain on the sidewalks.</p><p>The sidewalks seem deserted.</p><p>The sidewalks remain free in front of us.</p><p>%ere a human starts talking again.*motions mix with the breath of the lea!es.</p><p>We are obli!ious to what makes us tremble.</p><p>The air looks to pass by.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 9/25</p><p>A hardened dreamer stretches and lies down.*!erywhere he goes people ask him uestions.</p><p>%e remembers a dark hallway.</p><p>%e remembers a hallway without heat and without flame.</p><p>%e in!ents words in a foreign city.</p><p>+ou don't know right away what will happen.</p><p>rns are dropped off in the middle of a room.</p><p>A memory finished by erasing itself.There is a poster glued to a wall.</p><p>A ring is left in its box.</p><p>The time we see disappears.</p><p>Time makes no noise.</p><p>The lightbulbs will soon burn out.</p><p>The situation will last only a few moments.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 10/25</p><p>"orrows uickly heal.The face changes and modifies itself.</p><p>I wear a big black coat.</p><p>The fortress is an image that sleeps.</p><p>We wait for more in life.</p><p>We hope for more in life.</p><p>ookouts stop me from lea!ing.</p><p>Time passes too uickly.A failed war de!ours us.</p><p>I place myself behind a chair.</p><p>The fortress li!es without thinking.</p><p>One must go ouside again.</p><p>The moon ignores desire.</p><p>The moon is something that resembles an e!ent.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 11/25</p><p>The crowd gi!es up because of a rain shower.Transporting a coffin to a train station.</p><p>A heap of memories assails me.</p><p>As soon as I lea!e my house the world suffers.</p><p>-eelings infiltrate the depths of my soul.</p><p>I know one can lo!e another person.</p><p>I know that lo!ing can shine up a body.</p><p>A machine cannot experience any feelings.The crowd disbands near the edge of a fountain.</p><p>Two weeks ha!e flown by since then.</p><p>I remember all of this !ery distinctly</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 12/25</p><p>Time pro!es itself to be long and empty.The uni!erse does not recogni&amp;e me.</p><p>+ou gi!e a name to a child.</p><p>The next day you don't think about that anymore.</p><p>It seems to me that when you get rid of dust.</p><p>A figure seems to want to become clear.</p><p>ust mocks me.</p><p>I can do nothing for anyone else.It's me alone who torments me.</p><p>I stay here and I see an empty &amp;one.</p><p>#o !ehicule comes here.</p><p>A light post is co!ered in posters.</p><p>I want to say something.</p><p>I want to make some gesture.</p><p>This is a moment of extreme indecision.I crumple up a page on which I had written something.</p><p>I don't know what.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 13/25</p><p>At the beginning the place is deserted.Then a rain shower resonates on the roofs.</p><p>The riddle faints on my table.</p><p>I am not afraid of eternal &amp;ero.</p><p>There are dangers that we reduce.</p><p>The most beautiful things contain nothing.</p><p>$hildhood is endless.</p><p>$hildhood lasts only three seconds."now spreads out o!er the surface of a flag.</p><p>A column becomes in!isible.</p><p>An unknown prayer lies under my heart.</p><p>They came to rummage through my room.</p><p>(arbles roll in the shadowy corners.</p><p>The idea of a single world is an imperfect idea.</p><p>A pro/ectile could make us dead.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 14/25</p><p>We struggle against the cold which persists.We struggle against separation, misfortune.</p><p>What we know dies in the month of ecember.</p><p>0lanks free&amp;e on the surface of lake.</p><p>We are afraid that a sensation lea!e us.</p><p>We are afraid that a sensation betrays our will.</p><p>(aking se!eral steps to reach the armchair.</p><p>"ur!eying a room with arms behind the back.(inutes ha!e as much importance as hours.</p><p>When you find yourself alone, you understand ob/ects better.</p><p>It is natural that !ery few things happen.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 15/25</p><p>A blindfold is forgotten on the bed.$louds make shadows on the paupers.</p><p>#oises are buried in the room.</p><p>Armors rot in the room.</p><p>-og wants to take o!er the bed.</p><p>1agged pieces crash into the ground.</p><p>A messanger takes a paper and mo!es on.</p><p>A messanger dips his fingers into the mud.An old man does the math in order to write up his final wishes.</p><p>The blindfold is stained with mud.</p><p>There is no moon to contemplate.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 16/25</p><p>The simplicity of fire enters into us.A child is left alone behind a door.</p><p>The stories we heard encircle us from e!erywhere.</p><p>0edestrians walk slowly.</p><p>"igns fade.</p><p>ong flames lick our destiny.</p><p>Our faces are co!ered with sweat.</p><p>To be here is stranger than desire.Arrows disperse and ne!er return.</p><p>Arrows bite animals who are infinitely fragile.</p><p>A pedestrian throws himself into the arms of a friend.</p><p>*!ents do not play out like we thought they would.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 17/25</p><p>A few steps more and our sentences e!aporate.We dread the disappearence of our words.</p><p>We often want to change places.</p><p>"ilences camoflage us in the name that they carry.</p><p>A woman lea!es us with eyes so sad.</p><p>-rom where comes a woman with eyes so sad2</p><p>A feeling can function for a long time.</p><p>All names slide along opposite of us.Animals drift away through the tall grasses.</p><p>There are large fissures that run on top of the ground.</p><p>"omeone promises to pick herself up all the same.</p><p>One always arri!es somewhere.</p><p>A mistake protects us.</p><p>#o one tells us why.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 18/25</p><p>A s uare is gi!en to the earth.A smokestack pierces the hori&amp;on.</p><p>-ar away something seems to dissol!e.</p><p>All that was lies underground.</p><p>All that was becomes lamentable.</p><p>All that was is !omited up by the mouth.</p><p>An indi!idual has a duty to continue to li!e.</p><p>It pro!es to be important to continue to li!e.A portrait is copied and lo!ed.</p><p>A candle trembles at the break of dawn.</p><p>This will be remembered until the end.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 19/25</p><p>Someone who sings on a forlorn path.Stepped over logs on a forlorn path.</p><p>Season without age and without wrinkles.</p><p>Calm season liberated season.</p><p>!ain down tremendously as a response to everything.</p><p>"hite #oy that erases with sweetness.</p><p>Shadow of flowers already wilting.</p><p>$ature never wants anything.Clear movemement flowers% shadows.</p><p>-ire outside of water fore!er.</p><p>A car bypasses the road.</p><p>Warehouses are !isited by strangers.seless signs are drawn in the air.</p><p>A silhouette sweetly bends o!er.</p><p>*!erything plays out in extreme precarity.</p><p>The ground becomes softer and softer.</p><p>We ask where went the paths of those we lo!e2</p><p>We ask who we are for those we lo!e.</p><p>The fortress remains intact each time.The future is worrisome all the same.</p><p>We are always a little tired.</p><p>We go to bed thinking of this.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 20/25</p><p>A stranger carries a package under his arm.The situation obliges us to lea!e alone.</p><p>-ragments inhabit the world of winters.</p><p>There are not sufficient indications.</p><p>*!ents draw closer from their scheduled date.</p><p>0utting away the /ewelry of a dead person in a safe.</p><p>Winters stay silent.</p><p>Will offers us up to forces.A stranger settles into a corner.</p><p>The stranger begins to count his money.</p><p>The full moon has risen already.</p><p>0ro/ects bring us the most benefit.</p><p>A presence becomes irreplaceable.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 21/25</p><p>An easterly wind disturbs the trees.0assersby are confused.</p><p>(echanical belts are put out of order.</p><p>$abins stand out from afar.</p><p>The site of in/ury is concealed.</p><p>The hero has a face splattered with blood.</p><p>%is blood belongs to us.</p><p>%is blood de!astates us.The hero lies down in his tomb.</p><p>A sort of beatitude touches us.</p><p>A metal pla ue becomes cold in time.</p><p>This day ends the same as the last one.</p><p>The truck makes a stop at the border."eeing mud splattered on my pants.</p><p>*!erything proceeds normally.</p><p>One cannot pass the afternoon locked up in a room.</p><p>ust clouds fly !ery high towards the sky.</p><p>There is a lot of space to wander in.</p><p>I again fell under the charm of a silent landscape.</p><p>The forest symboli&amp;es a nostalgic desire."eeing the ashes escape from our hands.</p><p>A beginning holds us back.</p><p>Animals remain far away from buildings.</p><p>The sound of a motor attracts attention.</p><p>It cannot be otherwise.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 22/25</p><p>Any handful of dust scatters on its own.</p><p>Any handful of dust is easily bigger than us.</p><p>A dying person poses an untenable uestion to us.A rose from time immemorial ne!er begins to exist.</p><p>That which must happen does not happen.</p><p>We hope for tran uility and we do not sleep.</p><p>There is always a final word to deli!er.</p><p>%istory is an image that sunk into the ground.</p><p>"now co!ers my /acket.</p><p>A plastic bag rolls around outside.istances must be respected.</p><p>I abandon my birth in me.</p><p>I am the source of sources leans o!er me.</p><p>I ha!e nothing and I am not here.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 23/25</p><p>The tra!eller, she asks me to lea!e.At midnight, pastures become transparent.</p><p>ines do not exist in nature.</p><p>An obser!er could ha!e been tricked.</p><p>1e!erberations suddenly illuminate.</p><p>0utting a talisman in a !alise.</p><p>A sensation is no longer the same.</p><p>The tra!eller can only think of lea!ing.The tra!eller brushed past me on a street corner.</p><p>-oilage remains apart from me.</p><p>-oilage is nothing more than a word.</p><p>0utting a band3aid o!er a mouth.</p><p>"uch an obstacle might fade.</p><p>The space seems bigger.</p><p>It will ne!er e!en begin.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 24/25</p><p>#ight hides in night.A nocturnal burglar opened a gra!e.</p><p>A white sheet of paper weighs almost nothing.</p><p>(y mo!ement is profound like the night.</p><p>"ometimes the clouds don't want to return.</p><p>We want to know what the gra!e has to tell us.</p><p>Well water is left to itself.</p><p>I saw a lost or buried ladder again.I wished there was a ramp.</p><p>I wished there was a hallway.</p><p>It is difficult to renounce an image.</p><p>One must wait for the apparition of an image.</p><p>Images withdraw one by one.</p><p>At the end, there are no more images of any !alue.</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 The World as Obstacle (Le Monde Comme Obstacle)</p><p> 25/25</p><p>-ran4ois $harron 5b. 6789: is a poet born ongueuil, ;uebec, a suburb of</p><p>(ontreal where I once got lost in a snow storm. %e has released se!eral</p><p>books of poetry including and </p></li></ul>