the top 5 things you must have to play ranked lol

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The Top 5 Things You Must Have To Play Ranked LOL

The Top 5 Things You Must Have To Play Ranked LOL

Every gamers dream is to play ranked when it comes down to playing in the League of Legends. Well they are right as this is the only opportunity that as a gamer you get to show your prowess and relive the memories of a fantastic game.

But ranked isnt everyones game. Ideally there are a number of considerations to make before jumping into ranked or ascending up the ladder. Read this post to find out what you must have if youre thinking of playing ranked.

Gaming Account You just cant play LOL right out of nowhere, hell no! LOL has a lot of mechanics to learn and you cant just learn them in a day. Because of this you need an ample time to get a grip on how the game runs and a lol euw account, smurf, or lol account is an awesome place to begging. In fact some of the thing you could learn when you have such as account include how to last hit, level up, choose a champions, land skill shots, and create a champions pool.

Mained Champion Dont play LeBlanc, Gragas, or Kassadin because of their increased visibility in the pro scene. In the ranked play you should play a champion that you understand. Meaning you should go for any champion that you have learnt their mechanics, their Q, E, and later on R.

If you choose a champ that youve practiced with regularly and you will enjoy the game, increase your scoring chances and contain any fight situation that comes your way. This is where survival begins.

Well Found Masteries Dont write of masteries when it comes to LOL. They could look pretty small but trust me they can make a huge difference to your champions stats. They can make them extremely powerful and grant you the ability to pull out all the 30 points. For instance if you have a number of ideal AD Carry champs in your lol euw account, you can choose the offense or defense mastery to use.

Wide Champion PoolIf you have mained a real champion that you can use comfortably you should extend the list. Use your time to check out a number of champions and also learn them well. Ranked is where youre leveled with the best.

You dont want to be stuck in Elo Hell and you dont want to be stuck in a Bronze level either. Having extensive champions will help you to do that and here is how. Youll be able to have a number of ideal counter champs and youll be comfy with switching roles when your teammates ask you to.

Fabulous CS-ing SkillsYour CS (Creep Score) account determines whether you are a fantastic player. This is your main prowess at killing minions. It helps you to gain gold that you could in turn use to buy some of the gaming items that you could need. These items make your champion more powerful and overly prepared for any damage coming their way. Your prowess at CS-ing is a great addition to your game and a super tip to a great gaming LOL account.

Conclusion Like you know by now, LOL isnt a childs play. It requires strategy, agility, fast thinking and a united front to win and garner some League Points. It also comes with various gaming aspects to learn and thus requires patience.