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THE STORY. The Zombie Virus started in dogs. They are everywhere. Seoul and Busan are already full of zombies. Now, they are coming for you. It quickly spread to humans. The roads are not safe. There are no trains. Your city is not safe anymore. THE SITUATION. THE BOAT. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Day of the Dead debate

Dear fellow teacherIf you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to message me on Facebook

My primary goal isnt to teach English, but to facilitate the development of confidence, curiosity and worldly views. Therefore, my lessons tend to focus less on grammar and vocabulary than what you might be used to. In my experience, languages cannot be be effectively taught in large classrooms. One must develop an internal desire to learn it and seek out their own resources (be it online, on TV, through relations with native speakers or traveling). Leo FuchigamiI have made quite a few comments in the comment area (the boxed area underneath each slide) that help to clarify my intentions for each slide and/or list additional information. IMPORTANTI highly recommend you read the comment section for each page.Comments are written here!2

Hand out the individual worksheet before you start your lesson. 3THE STORYThe Zombie Virus started in dogs.

It quickly spread to humans

They are everywhere. Seoul and Busan are already full of zombies.

Now, they are coming for you

THE SITUATIONThere are no trains

The roads are not safe

Your city is not safe anymoreTHE BOAT

Jeju Island is the last safe place in Korea

You have one small boatTHE TEAMYou run to your boat

There are 10 people waiting for you

You can only bring 4Who are these people?How can they help?Can they work together?Who will you choose?

The DoctorAge: He is 63 years oldJob: He is a scientistUseful Objects: He may have a cure for the zombie virusWeakness: He is very greedy


Leo TeacherAge: He is 27 years oldJob: He is a smart and strong English teacherUseful Objects: He has a lot of moneyWeakness: He might be a zombie

Feel free to change this character. I usually put a picture or 2 of myself in my lessons. My kids love it. 10

Miss LeeAge: She is 35 years oldJob: She is a beautiful nurseUseful Objects: She has a cellphoneWeakness: She is pregnant

In case the kids ask, its Lee Hyolee11

Mr. BeckhamAge: He is 312 years oldJob: He is an actor from JejuUseful Objects: He has a house and weapons in JejuWeakness: He doesnt like sunlight

BladeAge: 67Job: He is a vampire slayerUseful Objects: He has a powerful swordWeakness: He works alone. He might run away.

Mr. CrazyAge: He is 50 years oldJob: He is a criminalUseful Objects: He has a shotgunWeakness: He is crazy so he might shoot you

The TwinsAge: They are 10 years oldJob: They can read mindsUseful Objects: They have knivesWeakness: They are troublesome

The WitchAge: She is 33 years oldJob: She is a powerful witchUseful Objects: She has a magic wandWeakness: The twins are her daughters

Mr. PandaAge: ?Job: He is a Kung Fu masterUseful Objects: He has a lot of foodWeakness: He needs to eat a lot of food

Age: ?Job: He is a robot catUseful Objects: He has a magic pocket that can hold many magic thingsWeakness: He might not be realDoraemon

Regarding the weakness He might not be realThis is a bit sneaky but some of the kids will get it. In one of the final episodes of Doraemon, it is revealed that he is in fact an illusion. All of Nobitas adventures were a dream. Therefore, Doraemon is a figment of his imagination.18

Who will you choose?Choose 4 people to ride the boat with you2. Write what is good about him/her using can3. Write what is bad about him/her using might

*CLICK ONLY ONCE ON THIS SLIDE. Due to the nature of the animations (the encroaching hands), it had to be done this way. You can, however, change the delay setting in the animation settings of each bullet point to better suit your speed.

The students should fill out the appropriate boxes in their individual worksheets19

How long will you survive?Choose 4 people as a team2. Write why you chose each person3. Some people are better than others 4. Each person will help you to live 0 to 4 more days5. Who will survive the longest?Hand out the group activity worksheet.Get them to collaborate by telling them to alternate writing on the paper. Otherwise, the slackers might just sit back and let the smart kid do all the writing. 20

The Doctor+0 daysLeo Teacher+2 dayMiss Lee+2 daysMr. Beckham(-2) daysBlade+1 daysMr. Crazy+1 dayThe Twins+1 daysThe Witch(-2) daysThe Panda+3 daysDoraemon+0 daysHow long did you survive?In case they ask about the logic behind these numbers:Doctor He wont help you unless you give him moneyLeo Teacher He is a sort of hybrid zombie or he is in the process of becoming a zombie, but he is still a powerful ally (at least for a few days before he is fully turned). Also, his money will come in handyMiss Lee Her medical abilities and cell phone count for somethingBeckham He is a vampire. Even if he allows you to use his house, he will kill and eat you anyways.Blade His only motivation is to kill Beckham. If he is not there, he will simply leave the team. Blade has no interest in zombies.Crazy He may be able to help, but he may end up doing more harm than good.Twins Their abilities may come in handy, but against zombies mind reading isnt very useful.Witch If you dont bring her daughters will turn against you in her ragePanda He is a powerful warrior. His downside is a neutralized by his positives.Doraemon In fact, he is a figment of your imagination. He is of absolutely no help. Refer to page 16 comments21BONUSIf a team reads their choices to the class, they will get +3 days!Dont let them say their total out loud yet. Get as many teams to try to take advantage of this bonus so long as time permits before going to the next 2 slides.22The DoctorLeo TeacherCOMBOS!!!The TwinsThe WitchMr. BeckhamBladeUse Leos money to buy the cure from the doctorBlade kills Mr. Beckham, but runs awayThe witch protects you+6+6+6Why?Why?Why?23How many days did you survive?Choice+DAYS+BONUS+COMBOLeo Teacher+2+3+6The Doctor+0Beckham-2Doraemon+003++6=9 Days

The team with the highest number of days wins!24BONUS ACTIVITYIf you have enough time to spare and the class seems dedicated enough, get the students to challenge the logic of the game. Perhaps some students will feel that Doraemon does really exist (there are different timelines, so the argument would stand), or they think Mr. Panda should be worth more points. Let them be creative and award them points for effort, creativity and strength of argument.More lessons are available

They are all free to download. I only ask that you leave feedback (positive or negative) at the bottom of the page in the comments section.

Cheers,Leo FuchigamiMORE LESSONSComments are written here!26null132106.3