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<ol><li> 1. Social Media Lunch &amp; Learn: PRESENTED BYBEN MCDOUGAL SALES MANAGER </li><li> 2. Company Overview Established in 1995Web Development Largest Web Development Firm in Iowa Website Design Advanced Programming Web Application Products800+ Small, Medium, &amp; Enterprise Clients E-Commerce Intranets/ExtranetsClients Represent 12 Countries &amp; 21 StatesInternet Marketing Search Engine Optimization Social Media ConsultingHosting &amp; CollocationIT Support www.GlobalReach.comGraphic &amp; Strategy MORE </li><li> 3. Discussion TopicsQuick FactsUpdating Personal ProfilesIncrease ReputationClaiming Company PagesShowcase Products/ServicesEmployment ConnectionsBusiness DevelopmentTracking Analytics </li><li> 4. Quick Facts Launched May 5th, 2003120,000,000+ worldwide membersLargest age group is 35-54 years old2,000,000+ Company Pages LinkedIn went public (LNKD) on May 19th, 2011 The stock closed up 109% its first day of trading LinkedIn has 1,500+ full-time employeesHeadquartered in Palo Alto, California MORE </li><li> 5. Updating Personal ProfilesFirst impressions count on LinkedIn!- Profile Photo- Informative Job Titles- Status Updates- Make Connections- Recommendations- Use Effective Applications- Track TrafficEnhance profiles with integrated applications: Twitter Feeds Presentations TripIt Blog LinksEventsReal Estate Listings File SharingPolls Portfolio DisplayEnsure your profile is 100% complete and up-to-date Photo | Executive Summary | Education | 3 Job Positions | 3 RecommendationsPersonal settings should match your networking objectives MORE </li><li> 6. Increase Reputation Recommend Contacts &amp; Clients Receive Personal Recommendations Share Insight on LinkedIn Answers Introduce Others MORE </li><li> 7. Claiming Company PagesCompany Page Components: Company Overview CareersCompany EmployeesRecent Promotions and ChangesNew Hires Products &amp; Services Key Statistics Location Map Twitter Integration AnalyticsFollow Other Companies Increase Collaboration Awareness Track Business Development Find Job Opportunities Encourages Reciprocal FollowsFree Advertising &amp; Inbound Link Development!MORE </li><li> 8. Showcase Products/ServicesShare Detailed Product/Service InsightInbound Link Development (SEO)Customer Recommendations MORE </li><li> 9. Employment Connections Jobs Tools - Job Seeker - Talent Direct - Corporate Recruiter - Job Referral Engine Organize Jobs/Candidates Share Insight on LinkedIn AnswersMake personal connections at companies you want to work for. LinkedIn is a valuable weapon in your job-searching arsenal.If youre not on LinkedIn, you may not exist to employers.MORE </li><li> 10. Business DevelopmentConnect to Decision MakersShare Expertise on LinkedIn AnswersMeeting Follow-Up RecommendationsNetwork By Joining GroupsResearch Business PartnersNetwork with as many people as possible.Its not all about who you know; its about who other people know too! MORE </li><li> 11. Tracking AnalyticsEstablishing an objective-based planUse website stats to track inbound trafficUse LinkedIn Analytics for Company PagesMORE </li><li> 12. ConclusionCONTINUE THE CONVERSATION!ADDITIONAL DISCUSSION TOPICS INCLUDEWeb DesignContent Management Solutions Mobile Development E-CommerceSearch Engine OptimizationIntranet/Extranet DevelopmentFor more insight, to scheduling a speaking engagement, or questionsabout how to best represent yourself online, contact Global Reach today! 515-288-0224BEN@GlobalReach.comRestart Slideshow</li></ol>