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  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective/Defective TeensValerie Velasquez

  • Effective TeensBe Proactive: Be responsible for you own life.Begin with the End in Mind: have goals and missions to achieve.Put First Things First: Do important things first and unimportant things last.Think Win-Win: Have a good attitude.Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood: Listen to people first and, dont be self centered.Synergize: Work together with people to accomplish your goals.Sharpen the Saw: Keep making goals regularly.

  • Defective TeensReact: Take no responsibility for you life, or consequences.Begin with No End in Mind: Dont plan anything.Put First Things Last: You dont have priorities and nothing seems important.Think Win-Lose: Try to win everything and never lose. Seek First to Talk, Then Pretend to Listen: Basically, you think everything is about you.Dont Cooperate: When you dont get along with people that arent like you.Wear Yourself Out: Be so busy that you dont have time for anything else in life.