the modern american hr director

The Modern American HR Director
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What you read here may challenge your long-held beliefs about the typical Human Resources Director.


  • Likes and Preferences of an AMERICAN HR DIRECTOR What Does the HR Director Like to Wear? Bold Print Blouse, Black iiiiPants Peep Toe Shoes from iiiiDSW Chunky Jewelry Medium-Length Hair Shellac Manicure or Gel Nails Hanes Her Way Underpants Michael Kors Bag 66% Baby Boomers 21% GenX 4% Millennials 9% Dead on the Inside HR Directors by Age 52% have a bachelors degree 14% have pursued graduate work 10% have pursued post-graduate work 24% have lied on their resumes Is HR Smart? Biggest Issues Facing HR 39% Rising Healthcare Expenses 31% War For Talent 13% Big Data and Talent Analytics 10% Global Risk Management 4% Irritable Bowel Syndrome 2% OSHA Safety Compliance 1% That Bitch, Tammy, Who Keeps mmmiiTouching My Coee Creamer Do HR Directors Believe in Wellness Initiatives? 26% Physically Active > 60 Minutes/Day 22% Back on Weight Watchers 19% Allergic to Gluten 18% Really liked that one yoga class they took back in 2005 11% Vegetarians who sometimes eat chicken and bacon but xxxxxithat doesnt really count 5% Self-diagnosed with carpal tunnel The Animals Owned by HR Directors 41% have a dog 40% have a cat 10% have 2 cats, a dog, some goldsh xxxxxxixxiand a guinea pig that doesnt get xxxxxxixxienough attention 9% breed Labradoodles because HR xxxxxxiiidoesnt pay very well HR Directors Drink of Choice 25% Diet Coke 24% Coffee 18% Diet Water Zero Lite with Splenda 12% Cayenne Pepper and Maple Syrup 11% Have water in a water bottle they carry everywhere but xxxxxinever drink 9% Titos Vodka please contact Laurie Ruettimann at for more information on this report Titos VODKA MK 77% Heterosexual Women 14% Homosexual Men 6% Cisgender Lesbians 3% Users for Over 5 Years HR by Identity and Expression


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