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    The Mis-Education of the Buddhist NegroPRESS RELEASE - JAN 4, 2016 07:22 EST

    Dr. Carter G. Woodson the father of African/American historypublished his classic 1933 book "The Mis-Education of theNegro." Woodson notes that American education directs Blacksto move into an inferior position in our society. Anthony AmpElmore President and Founder of the Proud Black Buddhist worldAssociation teach that Japanese Buddhist teachers purposefullyMis-Educate Black people in regards to not only Black Buddhisthistory, but to the African presence of Japanese culture & history.The Father of African/American history Dr. Cater G. Woodson wrotein his classic 1933 Book The Mis-education of the Negro; If you can

    control a man's thinking you do not have to worry about his action. When you determine what aman shall think you do not have to concern yourself about what he will do. If you make a manfeel that he is inferior, you do not have to compel him to accept an inferior status, for he willseek it himself. If you make a man think that he is justly an outcast, you do not have to orderhim to the back door. He will go without being told; and if there is no back door, his very naturewill demand one."Anthony "Amp" Elmore President and Founder of the "Proud Black Buddhist WorldAssociation" posted his first Buddhist lecture for 2016 "The Mis-Education of the BuddhistNegro." Elmore notes that in regards to African/Americans and the Buddhist teachings the"World's most mis-educated Buddhist in the world are "African/American Buddhist." Elmore a5 Time World Karate/Kickboxing Champion who lives in Memphis, Tennessee is making it hisLife Mission to challenge the "Mis-education of African/Americans in regards to the Buddhaand Buddhist teachings.Elmore makes note that we should start correcting the "Mis-Education of the Buddhist Negro"at Morehouse college the Alma Mata of Dr. Martin Luther King whereas Morehouse collegeshamefully house a picture of Japanese Leader Daisaku Ikeda who Elmore calls "The Mis-Educator in Chief" of Black Buddhist in America.Elmore notes that SGI President Daisaku Ikeda a controversial Buddhist leader should have noplace at "Morehouse College." Ikeda is considered one of the most powerful men in Japan. Ikeda's power and wealth is so vast that his SGI Buddhist empire determines who becomesthe prime minister of Japan. Ikeda is known worldwide as an "Influence peddler" and he wasable to use his money and influence to capitalize off of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. In regards to Buddhist teachings the SGI is the most successful Buddhist organization in theworld in regards to recruiting Black or African/Americans to the Buddhist faith.

  • Elmore who joined the SGI Buddhist organization in Memphis, Tennessee in1974 shortly afterthe death of Dr. Martin Luther King. As a youth Elmore became involved with many of the"Black pioneers" in Memphis who were associated with Dr. King. While in high school Elmoreattended meetings at the Church of Rev. James Lawson who went to school in India whointroduced to Dr. King Gandhi's theory of passive resistance. Dr. Billy Kyles who was at theLorraine Motel to take Dr. King to his home for dinner where Dr. King was Killed, Elmore had aclose association. Elmore organized a "Black organization with Dr. Kyles son Dwange andElmore later joined "Black men pushing" or the operation push organization founded by kingaide Rev. Jesse Jackson.In 1972 Elmore quit college to join with another King aide Rev. James Bevel. Bevel was thebrainchild of the Dr. King Selma to Montgomery March. Elmore while in High School inMemphis organized the 1st 18 year old voter registration drive in Tennessee. In 1972 Elmorejoined with Rev. Bevel in Gary Indiana for the world's 1st Black political convention.Elmore brought the passion he gained from "Black movement in Memphis" to his faith andNSA/SGI Buddhist practice. Elmore a student of Black history read the book "Malcolm X orAfro-American history." Malcolm X one of the foremost leaders in Black history and strugglelectured on January 24, 1964 on Afro-American history. Malcolm X taught that the "Buddhawas Black." This information inspired Elmore to share this information with other Buddhist.The SGI organization resisted Elmore noting this information in that SGI President DaisakuIkeda wrote in his fictional book "The Living Buddha" that the Buddha was an Aryan or White. In the 1933 Book the Mis-education of the Negro Dr. Carter G. Woodson writes: Those whohave no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comesfrom the teaching of biography and history.Elmore an SGI Buddhist considered SGI Buddhist leader Daisaku Ikeda his Buddhist masterand teacher was forced to choose between his Black hero Malcolm X and Japanese leaderDaisaku Ikeda. Elmore researched "Malcolm X resources and the information lead Elmore tothe 1833 Sir Geoffrey Higgins historical book the Anacalypsis: An Attempt to Draw Aside theVeil of the Saitic Isis : Or an Inquiry into the Origin of Languages, Nations and Religions. Higgins writes in the Anacalypsis: The time has now arrived when it becomes proper to enterupon an examination of the doctrines of the celebrated Buddha of India, which were thefoundations of all the mythoses of the Western nations. Herodotus the father of history whotravel to India over 150 years after the death of the Buddha writes: All the tribes I mentionedtheir skins are all of the same color, much like the Ethiopians. Herodotus names Meroe inNubia Sudan in Africa as the "Cradle of the Gymnosophist" (Buddhist in Ancient Africa)(history of Herodotus (Greek Historian 484 B.C.E.)British Historian Geoffrey Higgins makes clear that all the Foundations of the mythoses ofWestern Nations comes from the Buddha of India. Elmore notes that the hidden and untoldWorld history of Black people arrive from the Buddhist teachings. While the untold story ofBlack people worldwide exist in the Buddhist teachings Elmore notes that a concerted planhas been implemented worldwide to hide this "Black Buddhist History." Elmore calls this plan"The Mis-Education of the Buddhist Negro."

  • In the 1st Century A.D. Buddhism a known Black religion was adopted by the White KushunKing Kaniska who had conquered India. King Kaniska was influenced by the India BuddhistAshvaghosha. Ashvaghosha was the father of new Buddhism called Mahayana. MahayanaBuddhism was the time in history where Buddhism became separated by race, culture andlanguage. King Kaniska changed the image of the Buddha from "Black to White." A new formof Buddhist art, Gandhara Art, was developed. Beautiful stone images of Buddha werefashioned in a Greek-Roman style.King Kaniska and Buddhist Ashvaghosha re-invented Buddhism making Buddhism a Whitereligion as they called their own 4th Buddhist Council. The significance of their council waschanging the image of Buddhist culture and language from Black to White. Buddhistteachings were moved from the Black Pail language to the new language of Sanskrit. The newMahayana Buddhism is the time in Buddhist history where all Black culture, history andlanguage was removed from the Buddhist religion.We move to the 21st century and the "Black Lives Matter Movement" whereas not onlypeople of color but our modern social and technological society demands "equality andinclusion." Elmore notes that Asians particularity Japanese Buddhist teachers follow theMahayana Buddhist tradition whereas all Black culture, history, and language has beenextricated from the Buddhist teachings.Elmore makes notes that Japanese Buddhist teachers and organizations like Daisaku Ikeda'sSGI, Nichiren Shoshu and Nichiren Shu are out of touch with a 21st Century America. WhileAmerica elected its 1st Black or African/American President in 2008 the Buddhist religion hasnot produced one Black or African/American who is respected by the Black community as aspokes person and voice of the Black Buddhist community.Anthony "Amp" Elmore organized the "Proud Black Buddhist World Association" after tryingfor decades to convince his Japanese Buddhist teachers to make the "Black Buddhist Historyand Culture" inclusive of Buddhist teachings. In 2013 Elmore reached out to the NichirenShu Black Female Priest Myokei Shonin who heads a Nichiren Buddhist sect in Houston,Texas. Elmore wrote a letter to Myokei Shonin and the Nichiren Shu leaders inquiring abouttheir policy in regards to African/Americans. The local Black Memphis Shu leader cursedElmore out and Nichiren Shu made it known that Elmore was not welcome to any NichirenShu Buddhist meetings.The father of African/American history Dr. Carter G. Woodson encouraged African/Americansto become "Autodidacts" and do for self. Elmore who in 1998 founded the "Proud BlackBuddhist Website" in January of 2014 founded the "Proud Black Buddhist World Association.Elmore notes we are the Black Buddhist voice of Buddhism. We have over 300 videos andwhen you search African/American Buddhist "Proud Black Buddhist " comes up number oneon the Google search engines.Elmore is clear that we can fight Asian and Japanese Racism that not only marginalize Blackpeople in regards to Buddhism and their practices of " Asian Cultural Imperialism" in the 21century amounts to outright racism. Elmore notes that we must fight against the Mis-Education of the Buddhist Negro.

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    Our fight should start at Morehouse college in