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The Mercedes-Benz Vito

The Mercedes-Benz VitoUSED-CARSMercedes-Benz has revealed its new-generation 2015 Vito in Germany Based on the new Mercedes-Benz V-Class people-mover range, the Vito shares similar styling - a re-designed grille, headlights, bonnet and bumper at the front and the new tailgate treatment. Mercedes-Benz is using one for all to describe the new Vito range, playing up the many different load-lugging combinations from which customers can pick. The line-up consists of:A panel van, A crew-cab style Mixto and A Tourer commercial people-mover.A choice of two wheelbases, Different body lengths,Two diesel engines, and Front and rear all-wheel-drive platforms.

All three body-lengths for the new Vito are 140mm longer than for the previous-generation van. The compact Vito measures 4895mm, the long Vito is 5140mm and the extra-long measures in at 5370mm. Wheelbases are the same as the outgoing model at 3200mm and 3430mm. The Vitos 1928mm width is almost identical to the old version.The maximum height is 1910mm, which is lower than the standard two-metre car park maximum headroom allowance-an important factor for this type of vehicle.In front-wheel drive form the panel van has a maximum payload capacity of 1289kg. In contrast, the rear-wheel-drive Vito panel van can carry a payload of 1369kg.The Vito Mixto has a second-row bench seat (with choices of seating for two or three passengers) and a separate cargo area. Windows for the second row and partition behind it make travelling more comfortable, while loading length ranges from 1.40m to 1.87m and cargo volume stretches from 3.1 to 4.1 cubic metres.

The engine line-up consists of two diesel engines delivering five different power outputs. Front-wheel-drive versions of the Vito will use a 1.6-litre transverse-mounted four-cylinder diesel engine with two power ratings: the Vito 109 CDI with 65kW and the Vito 111CDI with 84kW. Rear-wheel-drive versions of the Vito are powered by a 2.2-litre four-cylinder diesel making 100kW in the 114CDI, 120kW in the 116CDI and 140kW in the Vito 119 BlueTEC. A six-speed manual gearbox is standard, while a seven-speed automatic transmission is standard on the Vito 119 and can be optioned for the Vito 114CDI and 116CDI.The Vito comes with a high level of safety features. As well as up to eight airbags, depending on the model, standard safety equipment will include an Attention Assist system that monitors the drivers fatigue level, and Crosswind Assist, which aids in situations where strong wind affects the vehicle.