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  • 7/31/2019 The King's Speech Reaction Paper


    Gamboa, Joelyn Marie G. Prof. Elmer Soriano

    BPS 3-1 July 07, 2012

    The Kings Speech

    Reaction Paper

    Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength.

    --Corrie Ten Boom

    The quote about explains everything about the movie. It is worry, fear, and doubt

    that made the Bertie believe that he cannot speak straightly or that he really is to

    stutter. Perhaps, his worries do not free him from stuttering after all, they just get away all

    of his strength to try and practice.

    Aside from those inspirational messages the movie gave me, I found it very

    interesting for political students like us, especially for those of the beginners or those on

    their first terms in the course, primarily: for it is a great fear for me back then to be a

    political science student not because of the title itself but mostly of the challenges I amlooking forward to such as public speaking or debating.

    There is not a dull moment while watching the movie, even at its first scenes

    where most movies look not so exciting to watch, in fact, the first pictures of the movie

    are what really made me want to watch it, especially the microphone thing, I dont

    know, it just got my very attention.

    Given the title The Kings Speech, I have not noticed the mere message it

    wants me to see about the monarchs, their country, the passing of throne, and even

    the declaring-of-war thing. Maybe its just because the speaker is too loud that I cant

    understand some of the dialogues they are delivering, or probably, Im not that history-interested kind of person, and I feel sorry for myself about that. I can say that I really

    focused more on what will happen to the Kings speech at the end of the day, on how

    he will overcome his disability, on how he will do things and exercises to reach his goal,

    on how fluent he will deliver, and what have you.

    After all that is said, I guess what Im really trying to say is that, the movie for me is

    beautiful and lesson-giving as a whole, its just that, what youre reactions, opinions,

    perspectives are, reflect who you really are. And so, I think I have made you know me a

    little while I say my points about the matter.