The Key to Patient Marketing is Engage, Educate and Empower

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<ol><li> 1. ENGAGE, EDUCATE, AND EMPOWER </li><li> 2. SIMPLE CONCEPT- HARD TO ACHIEVE Engage, educate and empower your patients so they have a more vested stake in their health care. But between outside influences pulling the patient to your increased workload, sometimes the last thing either of you think about is managing the individual health of a patient. </li><li> 3. TECHNOLOGY CAN HELP New technologies allow you to: Start the process before the patient even sees you Start engaging the patient from the moment they call your office. Direct them to a website that is both informative and friendly. Have easy to understand copy, intuitive layouts, and most importantly, all of the information they need to schedule an appointment and the paperwork needed. Make the paperwork easy to upload so the patient does not need to bring a hard copy. It helps your staff create the patient profile and helps </li><li> 4. AUTOMATE YOUR PERSONALIZE CARE Once the appointment is scheduled, send a little welcome video via email. Remind them why they made a good choice in choosing your practice and how your team and you personally are going to help them. This short video will immediately help you bond with the patient. </li><li> 5. AUTOMATE YOUR PERSONALIZE CARE Once the patient arrives, continue the personalized feel by broadcasting patient education in the waiting room that focuses on your practice, its staff, specialties, treatment beliefs, and the ancillary service providers you recommend. This information ensures that the patient will be educated about your practice and reinforces that they made the right decision. </li><li> 6. AUTOMATE YOUR PERSONALIZE CARE This next step takes some coordination, but try to theme your rooms. If you see all geriatrics in a couple of offices, use your digital patient education system to introduce senior focused illnesses and treatment plans in those offices. The information will be well received and may spur conversations that the patient may have forgotten to mention. </li><li> 7. AUTOMATE YOUR PERSONALIZE CARE Once the patient leaves, send a series of emails that empower them to manage their health using videos on diet, nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, etc. Couple these videos with some personal messages and you are now arming your patient to live better. You can use a traditional CRM (Customer Response Management) system or the one built into your EMR. </li><li> 8. CHOOSE THE RIGHT PARTNER The key to this type of patient engagement is that you choose a partner that understands your business needs and gives you the tools to implement this program very easily. This is where Halo Health stands out. We can help you keep your patients satisfied and healthy using very simple techniques that your staff can implement without added work. </li><li> 9. INVEST IN YOUR ORGANIZATIONS HEALTH BY EDUCATING, ENGAGING AND EMPOWERING YOUR PATIENTS, CONTACT HALO HEALTH TODAY! JIM@HALOHEALS.COM , @HALOHEALTHINTL, OR (856) 520-8655. </li></ol>