The Instructor's Survival Kit: A Handbook for Teachers of Adults

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<ul><li><p>AORN JOURNAL AUGUST 1988, VOL. 48, NO 2 </p><p>Book Reviews </p><p>EDUCATION </p><p>The Instructors Survival Kit: A Handbook for Teachers of Adults, second ed. By Peter Franz Renner 1983, 136 pp $1 7.45 paperback </p><p>This is an excellent guide for people who instruct adult learners in any setting. It provides a quick education course in a nutshell. </p><p>The book is divided into two parts. The first details the prime survival tools-techniques that educators can use to break the ice with a new group, present information, involve learners, and present visual aids. </p><p>This section discusses Malcolm Knowles theory of adult education and domains of learning. It also addresses the psychology of small group behavior, learning contracts, tips for effective instruction, effective use of questions, role playing, debates, field projects, and the use of audiovisual aids. </p><p>The second part is termed the postsurvival material. It provides information to help educators develop interpersonal and planning skills. This part of the book covers the classic planning model, Malcolm Knowles model, Reg Hermans model for creative decision making, and a model for developing a sequence of questions to generate learner discussion on a subject. This last model is great for patient care conferences. </p><p>The techniques mentioned are broken down into recommendations for their use, group size, time required, physical setting, and process. The book contains several illustrations, as well as sample lesson plans, handouts, and evaluation forms. It also includes an annotated bibliography. </p><p>All of these are helpful if the reader has not reviewed simlar material for some time. </p><p>The remainder of the manual reviews forms of interpersonal feedback, counseling tips, and how to evaluate the educational process. The index is useful because it is divided into author and subject matter sections. </p><p>The book is available from the Training Association Ltd, 2665 W 42nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6N 3G4. </p><p>RHONDA P. EDWARDS, RN, MSN, CNOR </p><p>SOUTHEAST MISSION HOSPITAL CLINICAL NURSE SPECIALIST </p><p>CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO </p><p>MANAGEMENT </p><p>Nursing Finance: Budgeting Strategies for a New Age By Tim Por&amp;r-O%rady 1987, 257pp $31.50 paperback </p><p>This book reviews the budget process from initial planning to long-term control. Even though the information is not specific to the operating room, the principles apply and useful data can be extracted from the material provided. </p><p>The material is presented in an organized format, is easy to understand, and is accompanied by graphics that reinforce the information. </p><p>The author achieves the objectives identilied at the beginning of each chapter and suggests readings for each chapter. He also includes numerous sample forms to mist the reader in data collection, budget preparation, and other activities. The appendix presents an actual budget program with practice forms. </p><p>366 </p></li></ul>