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HAR Dues Billing Process & TREPAC - A Step by Step explanation.


  • 1. The HAR Dues Billing Process Step by Step

2. Every member will receive a dues notice via e-mailasking you to pay your dues online then login with your MLS User Name & Password. 3. Read the TREPAC message and then click through thelink below the graphic. 4. Click on the Agent Account Info Section 5. 1. Check the Pay Now Box Next to the invoice.2. Click on Choose Payment Options 6. This is where the invoice will be explained for youand you will have the opportunity to modify theamount you invest in TREPAC. The minimum of$45 is auto-populated for everyone except thosewho invested $110 or more in the previous year.For them, $110 is auto-populated. 7. If you choose to modify the TREPAC amount, this window pops-up and explains TREPAC a bit more. You must edit the amount in the box and then click okay for the amount to change on your invoice. 8. After choosing to invest (or not invest) inTREPAC, your new total can be seen here.Now you are able to select your paymentmethod, pay, then view your receipt and print itfor your records. You can access your receipts forup to three years. 9. The HAR Dues Billing Process Questions? Contact HAR Member Services at713-629-1900 ext. 360