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Kalyan Varma ( asked me to give a talk at one of his famed photography workshops on the question of the frame in photography. This is that talk. The narrative of the portraits was only spoken, and not described on the slides to not take away from the emotion of them.


  • 1. There are for good photographsno rulesthere are only good photographsAnsel Adams

2. the humane&the frame 3. the world is an assault 4. distill essence focusrebel 5. To quote out of contextis the essence of the photographer's craft.John Szarowski 6. the familiar unfamiliar in the familiar 7. the form/content tug 8. Without play, there would be no Picasso Paul Rand in Paul Rand : The Play Instinct 9. ed itn essis w agic a tm imi t thth elis at it 10. objects exist in the world the frame changes the world 11. the frame changes the world the light describes the world 12. "All art forms ... are escapist in that each answers some fundamental objection to the world and its limits" Gabriel Winslow-Yost in Purpose-Driven Life 13. It is one thing to photograph people. It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness. Paul Strand