the definitive guide to planning a baby shower

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Take the stress out of planning a baby shower with this easy to follow guide. From budget to clean up you'll host a baby shower that mom-to-be will love.


  • 1. The Definitive Guide to Planning a Baby Shower
  • 2. What is a Baby Shower? Baby showers in the United States have evolved since they became popular over 60 years ago. What once started as a female only event to shower the mom-to-be with advice and gifts to help her get started with baby is now anything from female only, co-ed, office shower, grandma shower or a baby sprinkle. The ultimate goal is the same: to share advice and gifts for the mom or parents-to-be.
  • 3. Baby Shower Planning Planning a baby shower doesnt have to be difficult. Two things you need to decide on first is 1. who will be involved in planning and 2. how much you would like to spend on the shower. Once you determine those important steps, then you can dive in to planning the baby shower.
  • 4. Baby Shower Planning Heres what you need to plan the perfect baby shower: Guest List Favors Location Games Invitations Gifts Food Decorations Clean Up
  • 5. Guest List Baby showers are no longer limited to females only. There are different types of baby showers that include co-ed showers, office showers, grandma showers, and baby sprinkles. For these showers men can also be invited. The size of your guest list will also determine location, food, and budget.
  • 6. Location A few things will determine where you will have the baby shower. Size of the guest list Budget Food These three things will determine if you have the shower at someones house, a banquet hall or restaurant.
  • 7. Invitations Invitations can be sent via snail mail or email. While an evite may be convenient there are 3 reasons to send a formal invitation via mail: Some guests may not have email (yes, theyre out there) or may not check email often. Mom-to-be can make the baby shower invitation into a keepsake. People still appreciate receiving a formal invitation in the mail. We offer 18 different styles of baby shower invitations. Free Personalization.
  • 8. Food Your budget will help determine what you will serve. You have the following options: You do the cooking. Serve it at home or a banquet hall. Have it catered. Serve it at home or a banquet hall. Have the shower at a restaurant. They usually have an event menu that will serve three or more courses at a per person price.
  • 9. Decorations Dont be limited by traditional decorations, such as streamers or balloons. Think outside of the box. Floral centerpieces in mason jar vases, mini diaper cake centerpieces, tulle, a clothesline with baby clothes hung on it are all great decoration ideas.
  • 10. Favors There are so many baby shower favors available that you are sure to find one that compliments mom-to-bes style as well as fit your budget. The great thing about many favors purchased online is that they offer free personalization. The only thing you need to do is apply the labels to the favor. You can also get great DIY ideas on Pinterest if youd like to make your own. Baby shower favors featuring hundreds of styles, designs and colors. Free personalization & 15% off retail prices.
  • 11. Games Baby showers can last up to four hours. A great way to have your guests interact with each other and have a good laugh together is to have activities planned. You can have games or activities, such as onesie decorating. Make sure you have all the supplies necessary so that all of your guests can participate if they choose. Why add to the stress of planning a baby shower? Our baby shower games need little to no preparation.
  • 12. Gifts Have a table set up for guests to place their gifts close to where you want mom-to-be to open her gifts. You will also need a pen & paper to write down who bought what gift; scissors & tape if you want to make a bow hat; and garbage bags for throwing away the Diaper cakes not only wrapping paper. make great gifts, but they look great as centerpieces too!
  • 13. Clean Up Whether you have the baby shower at a restaurant or at home you are going to have to do some cleaning up. At the very least youll have to clean up the wrapping paper from the gifts. At most, youll also be responsible for cleaning up food, tables, chairs, etc. for an at home shower. Have plenty of garbage bags on hand, preferably lawn and leaf as they hold more. If youd like guests to recycle provide a trash can or bag and clearly label it for recycling.
  • 14. Feedback from Customers Hear what our customers have to say about us: "Great ideas for baby showers right here just point and click. I used the baby shower scratch cards at my baby shower and they were a huge HIT!" Niki B., ON "Your unique and adorable selection of pre-printed invitations made it much easier than handwriting every single invite. Thank you for helping me make such a good impression with the invitations!" Tina A., IN " is a very reliable and convenient site which gave me good customer service along with quality products." Jose N., NJ
  • 15. About Us I love planning parties. As a mom to three children I know how stressful & expensive planning a party can be. I established Baby Shower Depot in order to offer unique baby shower favors, games and gifts at affordable prices. Plus, we love to share our ideas with you! Weve been helping customers plan their baby showers since 2005. Please feel free to share this planning guide with your friends and family. Christina Crea 2014 Baby Shower Depot