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This is a class project for ILL 195 at the Academy of Art University. An overview of a comic book team - The Dark Avengers.


  • 1. The Dark Avengers
    ILL 195 History of Comics
    Class project Team-up
    Featuring Amadu Diallo, Crystal Witten, Felix Halim, Joe Singleton, Joshua Edalgo, Petur Antonsson and Paris Daniell
  • 2. The Creators
    The series Dark Avengers was written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by artist Mike Deodato.
    Brian Michael Bendis is considered one of the most successful writers working in mainstream comic today.
    Mike Deodrato worked on many of the marvel characters such as Thor, Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Wolverine.
    Deodato started his career with a photo-realistic style, but in the mid-90s changed to a more simplified method.
    He has created the successful series known as Ultimate Spider-Man and New Avengers. Frank Miller and Alan Moore influenced him greatly as an artist.
    Brian Bendis
    Mike Deodato
  • 3. Time Period
    The series debuted in 2009 as part of multi-series called Dark Reign, which started a year earlier in 2008.
    Also in 2008-2009
    BarackObama is inaugurated into presidency.
    Iron Man the movie is released in theatres.
    The world record for domino toppling was set at nearly 4.5 million pieces.
  • 4. Time Period in the Marvel Universe
    In the Marvel Universe, the Dark Avengers are part of the after math of the Secret Invasion limited series, which involves a long-term invasion of Earth by shape-shifting aliens called Skrulls.
    This leads to the U.S government disbanding the super-hero team of the Avengers, and somehow causes a shift in power in the Marvel Universe towards Norman Osborn, the leader of the Dark Avengers.
  • 5. How the group was formed
    The Dark Avengers were product of Norman Osborns rise to power.
    After a series of continuous events that made the heroes of earth seem inefficient in their oath of protecting the innocent.
    Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin gained the favor of the government by killing the Skrull queen during the skrull invasion.
    He was given control over S.H.I.E.L.D. and another team of heroes called the thunderbolts.
  • 6. Why the group was formed

    Today's a new day. So listen carefully... this is how it's going to be. As you all know, I, Norman Osborn, have been given the keys to the kingdom. Tony Stark is out. S.H.I.E.L.D. is no longer. I am heading a new world peacekeeping task force that includes the Initiative and the Avengers franchises. And as far as I am concerned, that is good news for all of you.
    -Harry Osborn

    Since the Avengers and many other heroes were favored by the public. Norman took this advantage to create his own avengers.
    By doing so he seeks to improve peoples view on him, while he has full control of some the most powerful beings.
    With this in hand, Osborn can fulfill his own personal gains while seeming good in the publics eye.
  • 7. DARK AVENGERSThe Characters
  • 8. The Characters
    American Son / Harry Osborn
    Mac Gargan /Venom
    Sentry / Void
  • 9. Iron Partiot | Norman Osborn
    • Superhuman strength
    • 10. Intellect
    • 11. Stamina
    • 12. Durability
    • 13. Agility reflexes due to ingesting the "Goblin Serum"
    Norman Osborn is the son of wealthy business man. He had a decent his dad became alcoholic and violent.Young Norman and his mother would often bethe targets of physical and psychological abuse. This abuse had Normanrealizing that only the strong survive and that he will never be weak
    Norman eventually becomes the Green Goblin after a laboratory accident; he then decides to kill Spiderman in order to establish his reputation.Later on in Normans legacy, the Presidentplaces Norman in charge of the country's security after saving him from a Green Goblin look-alike. Now in charge of theworld's peace-keeping taskforce, Osborndecides to show the world his image of heroism.
    Osborn's team assembled with him, as the Iron Patriot, as team leader.
    He reveals his Dark Avengers to the public as Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Wolverine, Hawkeye, Sentry and Ares.
  • 14. Powers
    • Energy shield
    • 15. Repulsortechnology and strength
    • 16. Sight/speed/hearing enhancements
    Without Armor the formula gave him:
    • Super strength
    • 17. Incredible agility that rivals spider man
    • 18. stamina
    • 19. Speed
    • 20. Healing factor
    Harry Osborn is the son of the Green Goblin/Norman Osborn and an old friend of Peter Parker. He has a vendetta against Spiderman and becomes the second Green Goblin for a period of time.
    He has problems with drug abuse and self-destructive behavior. Norman Osborn offers his son Harry Osborn a place in the Dark Avengers, which he first turns down, but accepts the offer when he finds out his girlfriend Lily Hollister is pregnant.
    Harry Osborn takes a combination of the Super Soldier and Goblin formula. He is also equipped with the American son armor, which was based on Iron Man technology.
    American Son | Harry Osborn
  • 21. Ares
    • Superhuman strength
    • 22. Durability
    • 23. Agility
    • 24. Speed
    • 25. Endurance
    • 26. Immortality
    Son ofZeus, monarch of the Olympian Gods, and his wife Hera. Ares was worshiped as the God of War in both ancient Greece and ancient Rome.
    Because Ares is a God, he possesses vast strength and endurance. Like all Olympians, Ares is immortal, possessing a life essence that cannot be ended by any conventional means.
    As a Mighty Avenger, Ares aided the Earth against an enormousSkrullinvasion. After the invasion, Ares remained a registered superhuman and accepted a place inNorman Osborn's Avengers alongside on of his teammates from the Mighty Avengers,Sentry.
  • 27. Bullseyeposing as Hawkeye
    • Ability to turn any object into a deadly projectile with perfect aim
    • 28. Superhuman reflexes
    • 29.