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<ul><li><p>The Bitcoin Mobile Casino </p><p>Experience </p><p>From</p></li><li><p>Maximum Convenience with Mobile Tech and Bitcoin </p><p> Imagine being able to play at your favorite online casino anywhere! Thats exactly what online </p><p>mobile casinos offer. In the past, when people wanted to play their favorite casino games, they </p><p>needed to wait until they arrived at home. With the recent developments in mobile and WiFi </p><p>technology though, players can now log on to mobile versions of their favorite casinos and just </p><p>start playing. </p><p> The concept of playing casino games on your phone would have sounded ridiculous a few years </p><p>ago, but if smartphones nowadays can be smoothly display streaming video, then games are </p><p>nothing to worry about. Additionally, with the increasing popularity of HTML5 and other in- </p><p>browser display options, all that an online gambler needs to do is to just visit the casino site to </p><p>start playing. </p><p> This convenience dovetails well with the other half of the equation: Bitcoin. The worlds most </p><p>popular cryptocurrency, its popularity is abed on the fact that it can provide quick and easy </p><p>banking transactions. A lot of the Bitcoin wallets operate in the mobile environment seamlessly. </p><p> A convenient gaming platform and an easy-to-use way to pay bets are why the Bitcoin mobile </p><p>casino experience is such a hit!</p></li><li><p>Why Go Mobile? </p><p> Playing on a mobile device is definitely different from when youre playing on a full desktop. The </p><p>big question that many ask is why would people play on a mobile device when the desktop option </p><p>is there? The most obvious answer is convenience. You wont be lugging around your PC every </p><p>day, but you do your smartphone or your tablet. If youre stuck in a long line, would you rather be </p><p>standing around listless or enjoying a few rounds of slots? </p><p>Mobile casinos also give you the chance to take your online gambling anywhere in a secure </p><p>device. If youre traveling and want to have a bit of gambling fun, theres no need to risk things </p><p>by playing on an unfamiliar PC. Just open your phone and log on to your mobile casino, without </p><p>any worries of the account being hacked.</p></li><li><p>The Limitations </p><p> Lets be honest, playing at a Bitcoin mobile casino is sort of limited. There are two main </p><p>limitations that face mobile players. First, there is the screen size. People who are used to </p><p>playing on a 19-inch computer monitor may suffer a bit when the experience is transferred to the </p><p>much smaller screen of their iPhone or Android smartphone. The problem is not as bad when </p><p>people use the larger tablets. Additionally, the playing experience is a bit different without a </p><p>mouse and keyboard, but a touchscreen is easy enough to use. </p><p>The second limit that mobile gamers face is the battery life of their device. Mobile devices are </p><p>notorious power hogs, especially when they are put through their paces. Powerful graphics are </p><p>the hallmark of some of the latest games in casinos, some of them with great 3d visuals </p><p>combined with rocking sound effects. The problem with that is the increased power </p><p>consumption. Players should be ready with a charger or a power bank ready so that their device </p><p>wont suddenly go dead on them when it is needed.</p><p></p></li><li><p>The Games </p><p> There is a wide range of games available to mobile Bitcoin casino patrons. The smaller screen </p><p>does not limit the options available to you. As long as the game or site is properly optimized, you </p><p>can expect to play some of your favorite games. This includes: </p><p> Slots </p><p> The perennial favorite, slot machines are incredibly addictive. Just put in your bet and start </p><p>spinning. A mobile interface is ideal for them because of the limited graphics and the simple </p><p>interface. The various slots variations ranging from classic to video poker translates well to </p><p>mobile. </p><p> Card Games </p><p> Blackjack and poker are quite popular and they can also work well on the mobile platform. You </p><p>may have to squint at the cards a bit and focus a little more attention on your game, but playing </p><p>card games at mobile casinos is doable. </p><p> Table Games </p><p> Games like craps and roulette are a bit more complicated. Youll probably want to play these on </p><p>larger phones or tablets to get the most out of the experience. There are a few barebones </p><p>interfaces that get rid of a lot of the graphics and focus on the table, but then you lose half of the </p><p>fun. </p><p> Lottery Games </p><p> Just as easy as playing slots, lottery games are also quite fun. Buy a ticket and wait for the draw </p><p>to start. For Bitcoin lotteries, this is usually done every 30 minutes or an hour. You can come </p><p>back later to see if your ticket won. </p><p> Sportsbook </p><p> If youre at a sporting event and youre pretty sure of whos going to win, why not put in a bet? A </p><p>lot of mobile Bitcoin casinos also offer sports betting options. Some do not accept live-betting </p><p>though, so be sure to check what sort of betting options are available at the site. </p></li><li><p>Ensuring a Good Experience </p><p> Mobile Bitcoin gamings differences with desktop gaming make it easy for something to go </p><p>wrong. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that you mobile casino experience is as </p><p>worry-free as possible. First of all, check your mobile devices compatibility with the site. A lot of </p><p>mobile casinos have a minimum OS requirement. If your phone doesnt meet them, you might </p><p>have games not working properly or worse. Sometimes, individual games require a particular </p><p>version to operate. Check the details on your desktop before you start playing on mobile so that </p><p>you know what to expect. </p><p> Secondly, update your OS. Theres nothing that an updated OS cant make better. Developers </p><p>are always seeking to improve their product. The current version of an OS probably has better </p><p>security features and optimization than the old one, so its best to change your OS as soon as an </p><p>update drops. </p><p> Thirdly, have some spare power ready. A power bank or a charger will always be handy. People </p><p>work their smartphones hard so extra power will always be a necessity. </p><p> Finally, ensure your connection is in top shape. Online gaming needs an Internet connection. </p><p>This means youll need to arrange for an uninterrupted one to your phone. If you have a limited </p><p>data plan, be aware of it so that you arent suddenly left hanging midgame. </p></li><li><p>Source: </p><p></p></li></ul>