The Battle for the Mobile Video: Instagram vs Vine

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Post on 11-Nov-2014




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In this presentation, Neomobile analyzes the main features of Instagram and Vine to understand better and explain the battle between this two apps for mobile video.


1. #MOBILEVIDEO Instagram vs Vine INSTAGRAM [by Facebook] Launch: June 2013 Users: 130M Size: 14MB Feature on Instagram 4.0 Compatibility: Android Versions 4.1 or + iPhone 3GS device or newer running iOs 5.0 or + 13 Filters First 24H: 5M videos uploaded Video duration: 15 sec. Most popular hashtags #lovephoto #mephoto #cutephoto #photooftheday #instangoodphoto VINE [by Twitter] Launch: January 2013 Users: 13M Size: 11.3M Mobile App In April 2013 it was the most downloaded app at Apple App Store [US] Video duration: 6 sec Most popular hashtags #loop #selfie #remake #cute #magic >50% mobile video traffic for the first time in 2012 2/3 of the worlds mobile data traffic will be video by 2017 16 Fold between 2012 and 2017, accounting for over 66% of total mobile data traffic by the end 2017 Sources: - - - 2. SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITES Neomobile S.p.A. viale Pasteur 78 - 00144 Roma - Italy ADDRESS