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What would a partnership with the next generation leader in the future of life extension, the science extension of life and quality of life be worth?


  • 1. Finding the American DreamLife Extension InstituteJ & M Burke Enterprises offers the greatestcareer training in network marketingJim & Mary Jo BurkePresidential MasterCoordinators Our success hasbeen acclaimedand rewarded byreaching the toprank ofPresidentialMasterCoordinators.1

2. NEW AMERICAN DREAMMeet the Next GenerationRoger & Sloan Barnett & FamilyRoger has a great vision and dedication in making adifference and changing the world and offering you apartnership in his dream. You can unlock your creativityand build a new future. The new world of marketing isgoing to help you do it.2 3. A New Company, a NewConceptand a New Visionary Leader Selected as a Global Leader foRr Toomgoerrro wB bay rthne Wetortld Economic Forum(Davos) Selected as a Young Leader Fellow of the national Committee on U.S. China Relations Member of the Young Presidents Organization Serves as a member of the Harvard & Yale Schools of Public HealthLeadership Councils, the Yale University Presidents Council ofInternational Activities Board of Directors of the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity Advisory Board of 2004 Nobel Peace laureate Wangari Maathais, theGreen Belt Movement Board of Directors for Town School San Francisco Board of Trustees of The Fine Arts Museums Foundation of San Francisco3 4. What would a partnership withSteve Jobs or Bill Gates have been worth?Roger BarnettSteve Jobs Bill Gates{What would a partnership with the next greatleader in the future of life extension, the scienceextension of life and quality of life be worth?4 5. Industries Change LivesSoft Drink IndustryBanking & Investment HousesFast Food IndustryAutomobile IndustryOnly a few service to control the industry5 6. Life Extension Institute Programto extend human lifeThe new science ofextending life is a dreamof the medical researchscientists. Their dream isto learn the science ofextending life andunlock the secrets ofnature.With new scientificbreakthroughs and clinicalresearch by some of the worldsgreatest scientists we are nowunlocking the secrets ofextending life. Roger Barnett isleading the field in taking thesteps to accomplish this greatendeavor. 6 7. The Future of theHealth Care IndustryRoger is developing into a very exciting industry, Life Extension,developing products that extend life and our patented productsmoves us to centralizing the industry.Controlling the market share is the key to great expandable growth.With the development of patented products to extend lifeWith the development of patented products to extend life that isbacked by science7 8. The Business Model ThatHas Changed Our Industry{8 9. What is a partnership worth?What the company givesyou as a partnerpackage?A. Lifetime residual packageA. Lifetime residual package onentire networkA. Growth bonus paid on alllevels of developmentA. Special residual packageinternational developmentA. You share in all growth thatcomes from this networkA. Every family member receivesthis package upon your death Sharing in the long termgrowth and success of thecompany Since you share in the valueof your partnership yougrow as a partner as thecompany grows in valueYour Partnership PackageGOLD PACKAs you start new partners youare paid the life time earning ofevery partnership you start.Every partner is started directlyto the company. But you have avested interest in their future.9 10. Many asked questions about your partnershipA. Can I see my position in the future?A. Does my family receive all the benefits I receive at death?A. Do I retain all the future rights to every partner I start in the business?A. When my business passes on does my family retain the vested interestin all the partners I have started?A. Does this same opportunity hold true for International development?A. When we get to the top rank in the company do these ranks andbenefits pass onto my family?A. Can I bring another family member in later years into my partnershipand do they share equal rights?A. Does the company provide cars and trips to all my partners that qualifyat no cost to me?10 11. Your partnership istied directly to Rogerand the future hesdesigningYour future as partnerWhy a partnership?It gives you and your familya full lifetime package.This is an extended valuepartnership with alifetime benefit packageA. FastTrack which includes our$100,000 1st year package and trainingbonusesA. Leadership Bonuses which grows asyour network growsA. Infinity Bonuses on entire networkA. Car Program for all your networkA. Trip Program for all your networkA. Survivorship for your familyA. Retirement Program 11 12. The Powerful Potential of the$350 and $699 Gold Ambassador ProgramRoger BarnettStarting a partnership program with Roger Barnett and companyGold BonusesPower BonusesInfinity BonusesDirector BonusesFastTrack BonusesLeadership BonusesWorld Trip ProgramMonthly Car AllowanceWOWInternationalSponsoringRights12 13. Partnership program for your 1st 15 months ofcompany development for starting 3 partnershipsEARN UP TO$1,000UP TO$3,000UP TO $5,000 UP TO$10,000UP TO$15,000UP TO$15,000UP TO$15,000UP TO$25,000Pay-outBreakdown-Mustbe completedwithin 11 monthsof 1st payment10 equalmonthlypayments of$10010 equalmonthlypayments of$30010 equalmonthlypayments of$50010 equalmonthlypayments of$1,00010 equalmonthlypayments of$1,50010 equalmonthlypaymentsof $1,50010 equalmonthlypaymentsof $1,50010 equalmonthlypayments of$2,500Matching BonusPaid to OriginalSponsor50% of eachearned bonus50% of eachearned bonus50% of eachearned bonus50% ofeach earnedbonus50% of eachearned bonus13FastTrack Development Program 14. Earn $100,000 orMore by LeveragingTraining BonusesPartnering with Roger willoffer you a lifetime oftraining bonuses as youtrain new partners in theTrain 3 New Partners and earn $51,000$17,000companies programDevelop Directorsthat completeFastTrack$17,000 $17,000Train 6 New Partners and earn $102,000$17,000 $17,000 $17,000 $17,000 $17,000 $17,00014Training Bonuses for a Lifetime of Income 15. A Company Program with a Perfect Partnership!This career can bedone from anywhere!15 16. Partnership withRoger Barnett and TeamRoger BarnettShaklee Chairman & CEODan RajczakPresident North America COOBruce DaggySenior Vice President, Research &Development and Chief Science OfficerTHIS IS A PARTNERSHIPBUSINESSYou build the network and Roger does all the restRoger provides Car, Trip, Lifetime IncomeAs a partner you get back 50 of every$1 your network produces. This buildsinto the value of your network. 16 17. BE SMART CREATE A NETWORKNapoleon Hill one of my favorite authors devoted 20 yearsof his life to studying what made people successful. What Napoleon Hill discovered isthat all individuals realize theimportance of surroundingthemselves with people smarterthan they were. All of us together are a lotsmarter than anyone of us alone,which leads us to the mostimportant things for your careeradvice that I can give you. Networking is a skill you mustdevelop. A network replaces the weakness ofthe individual with the strengths ofthe network You will become obsolete, but yourorganization will never becomeobsolete because you can continue toadd new talent.If I had to name the singlecharacteristic shared by all trulysuccessful people I would say theability to create and nurture anetwork of contacts. You donthave to know everything as longas you know the people who do.A network can enrich your life, it canhelp you develop others. A networkcan improve your job security. If youbuild a network you will have a bridgeto where ever you want to go. Justremember the more you exercise thenetworking muscle the stronger youwill get and the easier networkingbecomes.17 18. The Powerful Potential ofBuilding a Consumer Base Compression in thenetwork Value of anybodythat makes Directorat any level Directors move overto the Leadershipbonuses and InfinityAs a partner you will be buildingthe companies consumer base.The consumer base is so bonusesvaluable. You are paid everymonth on the volume of entirebase no matter how large itbecomes.Productssolddirectly totheconsumerbaseCompany18 19. Your Network consists of two growth areas withmultiple income and bonus structuresDIRECTOR POSITIONYour PersonalConsumer GroupYou are paid 20% onyour personal groupvolume into infinityAnybody in yourpersonal groupthat develops aDirector groupmoves to theLeadership groupat any levelAs people movefrom yourpersonal groupto yourLeadershipgroups higherincome will beachievedYour Leadership Group based upon Director positionThis group is all DirectorsRetirement Program & Right of SurvivorshipFastTrack ProgramFastTrackBonusesPaid on newgroups1,0003,0005,00010,00015,00015,00015,00025,000TrainingBonusesPaid on newgroups5001,5002,5005,000Leadership BonusesDepends on Rank6% - 6%3% - 6%4%4%3%3%Infinity BonusesPaid on the entire group2% - 8%Depending on Rank19 20. World-Wide Distribution & ExpansionYou share in all world widedevelopment as a PartnerIndonesiaShaklee Corporationsnewest marketThrough world-wide distribution out of your homeoffice you will be able to train, develop and marketnetworks development in every part of the world20 21. INFINITY Rank ofPresidential Master6% + 3% = 9% 6% + 8%6% + 3% = 9% 6% + 8%4% + 3% = 7% 4% + 8%3% 4% + 8%3% 3% + 8%3% 3% + 8%3% 8%3% 8%8%Powerful BonusStructure withIncredible IncomeOpportunityINFINITY BonusesPaying 3% into infinityUnlimited WealthCreation fromthe Growth of yourNetworkPaying 8% into infinity 21 22. GEN SRDIR EXEC KEY MC PM1ST 6% 6% + 3% 6% + 5% 6% + 7% 6% + 8%2ND 3% 6% + 3% 6% + 5% 6% +7% 6% + 8%3RD 4% + 3% 4% + 5% 4% +7% 4% + 8%4TH +3% 4% + 5% 4% + 7% 4% + 8%5TH +5% 3% + 7% 3% + 8%6TH +7% 3% + 8%+8%LEADERSHIP BonusesPowerful Bonus Structurewith Incredible IncomeOpportunity22 23. I learned a long time ago, you either have to havepeople or money working for you. If you donthave any money why would you not wantpeople. So why not get in a people developmentbusine