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The 4 E's of Marketing By Christopher Graves, President & CEO, Asia Pacific, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide.A keynote presentation at Ogilvy Verge SingaporeFor more information, visit and


TheEvolution of MarketingChristopher Graves President & CEO Asia Pacific, Ogilvy Public Relations1The New Marketing Ecosystem356Marketing8From the 4Ps to the 4EsFrom To Product Place Price PromotionExperience Everyplace Exchange Evangelism10From PRODUCT to EXPERIENCE11Beauty Shopping JourneyBeauty IssueExperts Peers SpecialistsResearchExplore/ShareShoppingResultsPurchaseBrowsing 12From PRODUCT to EXPERIENCE131415161718From PRODUCT to EXPERIENCE19Movie: Great_Adv_Website_REV.mpgFrom PLACE to EVERYPLACE21banners, portals, pop-ups, pop-unders, e-mail messages, interstitials, display ads, streaming media, rich media, flash, animation, branded content, product placement, search engine marketing, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, vodcasts, IM, SMS, RSS, wikis, retail kiosks, microsites, advergaming, gamevertising, alternative reality gaming, social networks, wireless, mobile, content sponsorships, events, buzz, guerilla, and viral marketing, iTV, IPTV, and more.23From PRODUCT to EXPERIENCE2427From PRICE to EXCHANGE28A cynic knows the price of everything, but the value of nothingOscar Wilde30From PRICE to EXCHANGE31BeforeAfter3233What do we want from consumers? Attention span? Engagement? Permission?34LEGO: Customers Help Create Products+200% better sales35From PROMOTION to ENGAGEMENT& EVANGELISM36A Brands Best SelfBig IdealA Cultural Trend/TruthHow Do You Find a Brands Big Ideal?[Insert brand here] believes the world would be a better place if 38Coke believes the world would be a better place if we saw the glass as half full not half empty.Dove believes the world would be a better place if women were allowed to feel good about themselves.40414243444546Give people an idea so interesting that the audience wants to share it48Dove: Evolution49Evolution Remix50Onslaught51Onslaught Remix52The results The first double Grand Prix at Cannes TV commercial Viral film Sales up $500 million since beginning of campaign Ranked 3rd for most transformed brand Behind YouTube and Google53Dell Idea Storm54555657585960Marketer of the Future1. Experience do your Customer Journey 2. Everywhere create an idea with no TVor print3. Exchange calculate the value of yourCustomer4. Evangelism bring passion to your brandthrough engagement61