…that 70% of the jobs that will be available to you when you graduate high school don’ t even...

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®. Did you know?. …That 70% of the jobs that will be available to you when you graduate high school don’ t even exist yet?. Kind of like…. C h a r l i e a n d t h e C h o c o l a t e F a c t o r y. Because Charlie ’ s dad had unique skills, he was hired at better pay to fix the machine. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Texas Scholars

1Let this slide play and introduce yourself to students.Mention your name, what business/organization you represent, what you do there, and why you are here: I am here today to present a program called Utah Scholars. This program will help you prepare for college and the workforce after high school, which in turn will help you become self-sustaining adults. I will also tell you how you can earn free money to help you pay for college.

Utah System of Higher EducationThat 70% of the jobs that will be available to you when you graduate high school dont even exist yet?Did you know?Kind of like

2Did you know that 70% of jobs that may be available to you after high school have not even been invented yet!

Question: Can you name some jobs that were perhaps around when your grandparents were your age that arent around today?

Some answers: telephone operator, gas station attendant, assembly line worker, factory worker many of these jobs have been replaced by machines.

So, jobs that once had purpose and use are no longer needed and are disappearing. Many of these jobs that are disappearing did not require high skills or education. You were trained, and you did it.

Question: That said, what ARE some jobs that are appearing today or even in the near future that perhaps didnt exist even 20 years ago?

Answers: cell phone programming, computer software programmer, anything to do with technology, graphic design, video game tester, jobs in the medical field, business, and engineering to name a few.

[Give examples from your own experience of how technology and economic change have replaced the old way of doing things]

How many of you have seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Lets talk about what happened to Charlies dad.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlies dad works a low skilled, low paying job.Because of economic growth, Charlies dad lost his job to a machine.Because Charlies dad had unique skills, he was hired at better pay to fix the machine.Utah System of Higher Education3

Charlies Dads Job $7.25 x 40 hrs/wk $290.00 x 52 wks/yr$15,080.00 yearToothpaste Capper (minimum wage)

$15.30 x 40 hrs/wk $612.00 x 52 wks/yr$31,824.00 yearToothpaste Machine Mechanic (skilled labor)You choose!Utah System of Higher EducationSources: UtahFutures.org4So! Given what happened to Charlies dad lets examine how having education and skills allows you to step up to better pay. Compare a minimum wage job in the slide with skilled labor. Can students see the difference? High school is a critical period in your life.Prepare Now!WORKING LIFE46 YEARS High School141824707090Why worry about this now?18-23College

RetireUtah System of Higher Education5According to government projections, most of you will live to be more than 80 years of age and you will spend about 50 years in the workforce. Wouldnt you prefer to be in a job that you like AND get paid well to do instead of a job you hate? To do so, you need to take the right steps to prepare yourself now. These steps include taking the right courses, going to class every day, participating, and learning.Therefore, the next four years are the most critical time of your life. What you do in 9th-12th grade will determine where you go on to college and/or training, and what job you will have for the next 50 years of your life.

Question: What do you want to be when you grow up and graduate?Most of the jobs you want require that next step up in training and education beyond high school!College = $$$The more EDUCATION you receivethe more $$$ you could earn!

Utah System of Higher Education2011 data; source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics6Did you know that the more education and skills you get, the more likely youll get paid more?!?

Question: How does going to college get your more money? Give some examples!Are more likely to lead healthier lifestyles and get regular exercise. Help their own children be better prepared for school and college than other children.Are more likely to take time for hobbies and fun activities and to get involved in their communities by volunteering and voting.Are more likely to report happier marriages.Sources: HighEdUtah 2020, 2011 Report and The Degree360 Peopleespecially women who go to collegeUtah System of Higher Education

7Ok, so we know that going to college helps us get better paying jobs but what else? Steps to Achieve Your DreamsUtah System of Higher EducationThere are steps you can take to achieve your dreams.

They are:#1 Making your high school years count! They are a big deal!#2 Taking the right courses in high school as well as talking with your counselor and parents#3 Stepping into the future by exploring and planning for college and career through UtahFutures.org#4 Search out ways to pay for college particularly scholarships like the Regents Scholarship8Student Efforts/GradesAttendanceAccomplishmentsExtra-curricular ActivitiesWhether You GraduatedCitizenshipWhat is a transcript?

Step #1: Your High School TranscriptUtah System of Higher Education9Step one, your high school transcript.

Question: What is a high school transcript?

Question: What can colleges and employers see on your high school transcript? (students will list a few things)Each click will bring in something listed on HS transcriptsStudent GradesAttendanceAccomplishmentsExtra curricular activitiesCitizenship

Question: Who do you think looks at your transcript?Step #2: Take the Utah Scholars Core Course of Study (grades 9-12)Your Golden Ticket to College!Utah System of Higher Education

Ok, so weve talked about how education and getting a good job are connected. NOW! Lets talk about what you can be doing NOW, to make sure you can get into college and find your dream job!

Step #2: Taking the Utah Scholars Core Course of Study

Question: What did Charlie have to find in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to get into the factory?Answer: A Golden Ticket! This is step two. The Utah Scholars Core Course of Study is YOUR Golden Ticket into college! Lets look at this together!

[Hand out yellow brochures to students at this point and go through the requirements. You can have students read through them with you or read through them yourselves, asking for specific questions]

If you decide to follow the Utah Scholars Core Course of Study, youve taken a crucial step toward the life you dream of having!10

Utah System of Higher EducationUtah Scholars vs. Utah HS Graduation Requirements

Here is the Utah Scholars Core Course of Study compared to what is already required of you if you want to graduate from high school. Notice that many of the requirements fall in line with the classes youre already required to take.

The Utah Scholars Core Course of Study asks you to do a little bit more than whats required to graduate from high school in order to be better prepared for college and the work force. You dont want to spend extra time and money taking remedial college courses because you took a break your senior year. 11

Students pay nearly $700 each for a remedial course in college!What is remediation?What could you buy with $700?

Dell Inspiron 15R Series 15 Laptop $700 online 50 CC Moped Sunny Motor Scooters w/ FREE trunk and windshield $699.00 (scooterdepot.us)4-Day Carnival Imagination Cruise $650-$700 (shipcruise.org)Real Salt Lake Season Tickets $565-$750 (depends on section)

Utah System of Higher EducationQuestion: What does the word remedial mean? What does it mean to take a remedial class?

Taking a remedial class means taking a class to help you refresh your memory or give you extra help in a certain subject because you aren't ready to move on to the next level. For example, if you were in Algebra 2 at the end of your junior year, you would then ideally move on to Pre-Calculus your senior year. However, if you didn't do very well in Algebra 2 and didn't feel you were ready to take the next level, you would be placed in a remedial Math class before moving on to the next level of Math. In high school, it doesn'tt cost money to take a remedial class. However, in college it not only costs you money, but valuable time as well.

In college, if you are not prepared for the classes they offer, you will be placed in a remedial class to prepare you for the level you SHOULD be at to earn college credit towards a degree. Remedial classes do not move you towards completing your degree as they are not actually college-level courses. Not to mention, all classes on the college level cost the same amount of money, whether it counts towards your degree or not. So, lets look at this slide [read the statistics on the slide].

Question: What could YOU buy with $700 dollars? Lets look at a few things! 12Imagine this pizza is your monthly income*Remember: Average earnings for high school graduates only,vary between $18,800-$25,900/year. $25,900/year$2,160/month

Utah System of Higher Education

Youre Hired!


13Lets talk more about what life will be like after high school. Lets imagine that I am going to hire you for $25,900 ($2,160 a month) right after you graduate. Take my word for it, thats an excellent salary for someone who has just finished high school and has little job experience. Question: What sort of things will you have to pay for when you graduate and move out of your parents house?(students will list a number of things)

Lets start taking all those expenditures out of your pizza or out of your monthly income.

Note: The following figures are conservative. Apartment rent may be lower or higher in different areas of the state. Food budget is figured using what students think it costs to eat fast food three meals per day--usu