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Bait Al Nokhada Tents & Fabric Shades LLC, widely known as BAN Group was founded in Abu Dhabi, in 1997, and serves the Tents and shades market in the UAE and neighbouring Gulf countries. BAN Group operates from a modern industrial factory unit in Abu Dhabi, using the latest technology and highly sophisticated machineries for the design, manufacture and erection of Tents and fabric shade structures.We are specialized in manufacturing Arabian Tents, PVC Tents,Car parking shades,Smart Shades,Tensile shade Structures and Wooden swimming pools.We firmly follow a policy of adapting and integrating new technologies, expertise and know how with oriental art and flavor enabling us to attain ever improving products.Please visit www.baitalnokhada.com to know more about us.


<ul><li> 1. FACTORY ABU DHABI DUBAI AL SHARJH AL AIN Tel : 02 5545580- Fax : 02 5545582 Tel : 02 4454225- Fax : 02 4454227 Tel : 04 3808889- Fax : 04 3808886 Tel : 06 8825622- Fax : 06 8825633 Tel : 03 7633538- Fax : 03 7633539www.baitalnokhada.com</li></ul><p> 2. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefits ABOUT US The Company was formed in 1997 by Mr. Abdullah Hassan / Majed Al Qubaisi in Abu Dhabi with the aim to provide the best quality products and services to clients with new ideas and creativity in the field of TENSILE STRUCTURE , FABRIC SHADES, CAR PARKING, K-SPAN, ALUMINUM TENTS, ARABIC TENTS, REVOLUTION TENTS AND SOLAR PANEL CAR PARKING. Now by the grace of Allah Almighty after a decade the company is top listed in the relative fields. Our key to success is the untiring commitment of producing customers specific quality product at enormously competitive prices. We firmly follow a policy of adapting and integrating new technologies, expertise and how know with oriental art and flavor enabling us to attain ever improving products. With emphasis on sustainable development, we have allocated adequate financial resources for research and development in order to uphold our position as the undisputed leader in the region. We use a wide range of fabric and materials such as PVC, KNITTED SHADE CLOTH (HDPE) COTTON CANVAS, BAIT SHAAR (GOAT HAIR), WOOD, FIBER GLASS AND ALUMINUM. Furthermore we are specialized in making ARABIC TRADITIONAL TENTS FROM GOAT HAIR WOOLEN FABRIC with interior designing supporting with 3D models. We are also specialized in manufacturing BANQUET TENTS, RELIEF TENTS, CAMPING TENTS, MOBILE TENTS AND ALL KINDS OF PVC TENTS. Our latest Product is THE SOLAR PANEL CAR PARKING/BROOKLYN that we have come up in the time of need as the demand of electricity is growing. The solar panel car parking can generate sufficient electricity for the consumption of a small house all year long. Bait al Nokhada has the wide-ranging information technology system in its facility. The Company has embraced the latest manufacturing technologies from France, Germany and Saudi Arabia.01info@baitalnokhada.com 7991 / : . . . . PVC, PTFE, HDPE : . ( ) . . . www.baitalnokhada.com 3. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefits: . : VISIONWe will increase the value of our company and our global portfolio of diversified brands by exceeding customers expectations and achieving market leadership and operating excellence in every segment of our company.MISSIONTo provide services and resources to the business and development communities with the purpose of retaining, attracting and expanding business and employment opportunities for area residents, stimulating the local economy and expanding local traditional industry with the taste of modernization, and introducing new ideas, while maintaining a positive balance between growth, social equity and the economic vitality of the State. . : ) ( . VALUESIt is not just about thinking outside the box; but rather about making connections between boxes -- people, processes and ideas -- so that the values and needs of the customer are most absolutely understood and incorporated into the business design02info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 4. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsClassification Certificates &amp; Licenses03info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 5. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsCERTIFICATES &amp; LICENSES04info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 6. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsCERTIFICATES &amp; LICENSES05info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 7. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsCERTIFICATES &amp; LICENSES06info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 8. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsOrganisations Chart PROCUREMENT PRODUCTION Q/C, Q/ACEO ENGINEERINGACCOUNTS/FINANCEM.D. STORE INCHARGEG.M.D.G.M. BDM I.T.HR MANAGERMARKETINGADMINSALES MANAGERPRO ABU DHABI LEGAL DUBAI SHARJAH AL AIN14info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 9. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsList of Machines07info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 10. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsLIST OF MACHINESLOADING CRAIN TRUCK RECOVERY TRUCK BOOM LIFTING CRANES SCISSOR LIFT TRUCK UNIVERSAL IRON WORKER 5MANUAL PALAT JACKS. IRON BENDING MACHINE REABER TYING MACHINES. HILTY DRILL MACHINE. HAND GRINDER HAND DRILLS MANUEL DISC CUTTING MAGNET DRILL JIG SAW GRIGGIO GA 630 GRIGGIO PF 510 GRIGGIO T 220 SPINDLE MOULDER PS 53 THICKNESSING MA CHINE LIFTING JACK HEAVY DUTY JACK BATTERY CHARGER CONCREATE DISC CUTTING MACHINE VACUME CLEANER SMALL VACUME CLEANER HEAVY DUTY.09info@baitalnokhada.comPVC WELDING MACHINES 15 METRE MOVING TYPE. PVCWELDING MACHINES STILL TYPE PVCWELDING MACHINES 20 METRE MOVING TYPE. PVCWELDING MACHINES STILL TYPE SANDBLASTING MACHINE. SANDBLASTING MACHINE. CABIN TYPE CNCALUMINUM CUTTING MA CHINE CNCPROFILE CUTTING MA CHINE. CNCMARKING MACHINE CNC HEAD MAN MACHINING CENTRE VMC-540 CNC HEAD MAN LATHE MA CHINE BAR THREADING MACHINE. MANUL LATHE MACHINE LATHE MILL COMBO UNIVERSAL TOOL GRINDER MANUEL DRILL MACHINE DRILL AND FRASING MACHINE ALUMINUM CUTTING SAW DISC CUTTING MACHINE NUMETIC TAPPING MACHINE MANUEL GRINDERwww.baitalnokhada.com 11. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsList of Projects10info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 12. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsLIST OF PROJECTS Name Of ClientsLocationAbu Dhabi Police G.H.Q A Dhabi Abu Diwan Dhabi Abu Al Ain Equestrian, Shooting&amp; Gulf Club Al Ain Shooting&amp; Gulf Club Al Ain Al Jaber Group Abu Dhabi Al Marasi Const and Gen Contract Abu Dhabi Asia Gulf Power service const, LTD Abu Dhabi Borouge Dhabi Abu City Crown Dhabi Abu Diwan Dhabi Abu Gulf International Cancer Center Abu Dhabi Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nehayan Foundation Abu Dhabi Logistic International SA Abu Dhabi Maximus Air Cargo Dhabi Abu Omar Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Abu Dhabi Red Crescent Sharjah Commerce Authority Abu Dhabi Yas Golden Group Abu Dhabi Al Fursan Kindergarden Abu Dhabi Al Naseer Properties Abu Dhabi Properties Dhabi Abu Crown Prince Court Dhabi Abu Emirates Institute Dhabi Abu Department of President Office Abu Dhabi Diwan Dhabi Abu Ibrahim Al Masoor Abu Dhabi Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nehayan Foundation Abu Dhabi Nawal HCE Dhabi Abu Red Crescent Dhabi Abu Sheikh Hamdan (Diwan) Abu Dhabi Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Abu Dhabi as Golden Group Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi-silla Husain Al Sayaegi Abu Dhabi Green Gate Iandscaping Abu Dhabi Delma Emirates 11info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 13. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsLIST OF PROJECTS Hammodah Al Ain Sheikh Khalid Al Ain Private Villa Abu Dhabi Sheikha Fatima Abu Dhabi Sheikh Khalifa Al Ain Sheikh Awad Al Ain Al Jaber Group Abu Dhabi Al Jaber Abu Dhabi A.D.M.M. Abu Dhabi Binyan Company Abu Dhabi Red Crescent All Regions Shk. Khalifa Foundation Abu Dhabi UTE Group West Region Supriem Sudan Diwan Abu Dhabi Emar Dubai Hilton Hotel Abu Dhabi Shiraton Hotel Abu Dhabi Aloft Hotel Abu Dhabi Bolonesky Abu Dhabi Le Meridian Hotel Abu Dhabi Canvas Tents Abu Dhabi Canvas Tents Abu Dhabi Aluminum Halls Abu Dhabi Warehouse Tent Abu Dhabi Warehouse Tent Abu Dhabi Shade Structure Abu Dhabi Shade Structure Abu Dhabi Aluminum Rental Tent Abu Dhabi Tent Renting Abu Dhabi Car Parking Shade Abu Dhabi Swimming Pool Shade Abu Dhabi Aluminum Tent Abu Dhabi Swimming Pool Shade Abu Dhabi 12info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 14. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsOrganizations Structure13info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 15. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsOrganizations workflow 1 87E RCLICATRESOURCE PLAN FO K IMPNG NI IONSWO R236 4 515info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 16. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsSelection of Our Designs &amp; Completed Projects16info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 17. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsCREATIVE TENT SOLUTIONSALUMINUM PVC TENTPVC or Aluminum Tents are the core of our business. They have emerged as the preferred structure choice for world class events. Their popularity stems from the fact that they provide a clear, clean, open space for events and are completely free of interior supports and exterior guy ropes. Aluminum Tents are the new breed of tents that have aluminum frame the makes it rust proof and light to carry and can be assembled in a day. It is good for gatherings especially in Ramadan and Bait Al Nokhada has always been providing these aluminum tents in this blessed month.17info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 18. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsARABIAN TENTARABIAN TENTThe company uses a tube which is specialist for tent steel frame. We install the best quality of goat hair without any connections by using a German Machine and its cured of smell a layer of PVC provide water proofing, fire resistant.18Decoration:Bait al Nokhada has the best designs and decor which is totally different from other companies, VIP, Super VIP, and Royal Tent. These types has special decor and lighting types and wood works which presented with high quality Spanish cloth which satisfy the clients taste also provide the traditional cloth Sadu .Safety:All Bait Al Nokhada products has a high degree of safety regarding the design. Therefore Bait is always fixing the steel structure with concrete foundation which does not allow the weather to effect the tent.info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 19. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsREVOLUTION TENTREVOLUTION TENTRevolution Tent is an innovative and a real revolution in the world of tents as its design allows covering large spaces without the need for any supporting columns in the middle. Our Revolution Tent is ideal for several of your occasions such as: wedding, sport events, and even your warehouse needs. We invite you to take note of our creative ideas for our rich interior designs and decorations for these tents.19info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 20. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsSMART SHADE SOLAR SHADESMART SHADE SOLAR SHADE GENERAL SPECIFICATION Aluminum Profile Structure Hot Dipped Galvanized accessoriesFOUNDATION Pallet Foundation ConcreteFABRIC HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) INSTALLATION Smart Shade can be easily installed and dismental with in 2 hours. Spare Parts &amp; Accessories are available locally.IDEAL FOR Car Parking Shade Cafetaria shade Reception, entrance etc.BEST SOLUTION 20Smart Solution to use it any where any Time Long Life Light Weight structure High Quality Materialinfo@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 21. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsCAR PARKING SHADECAR PARKING SHADEFabric Structure provides wide span Enclosures of Great Spatial Interest and Variety, Require Minimum Supporting Elements and Provide Very Good Overall Levels of Natural Daylight. We Have Categorized in to 6 Different Parts SHADE STRUCTURES USUALLY COMPRISES OF 3 FABRIC 21PVC (POLY VINYL CHLORIDE) PTFE (POLY TETRA FLOURO ETHYLENE) HDPE (NET)(HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE) All the above categories can have a a custom design and are designed on special software called FORTEN 3000 Where structures are designed at a speed of 101 MPH or 45M/S.info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 22. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsTENSILE SHADE STRUCTURETENSILE SHADE STRUCTUREBAN Group is proud to offer our distinctive collection of per-engineered Shade Structures and Sculptures for your consideration. Tensile Sculpture is a visually pleasing and efficient solution to many environmental and aesthetic challenges. If you can see this art in one your projects, we would like to talk with you. Tensile Shade is multi use product few of the proposed applications are as followed:22 Hotels &amp; Resorts Atriums &amp; Shopping Centers Cultural Sites &amp; Museums Community Centers Parks - National, State, &amp; City Community Pools Playgrounds Rooftop Gardens Golf &amp; Country Clubs Amusement Parks Public Walkways &amp; Trails Food Courts &amp; Outdoor Markets Office Buildings Universities, Colleges &amp; Schools Nature Preservesinfo@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 23. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsSPACE FRAME SYSTEMSPACE FRAME SYSTEMSpace frame systems are three-dimensional structures which are constructed by connecting straight tubular struts to each others with the use of solid spherical hubs. These systems carry loads by axial forces. The conic parts are welded to the strut edges and the struts connecting by spherical hubs. Bait Al Nokhada has been providing to the UAE market the quality Space Frame Systems (SFS) since its foundation. With our well trained and experienced staff, we provide quality systems that are both safe and economic as they enhance the aesthetics of your surroundings. Structure All materials we use are best at their quality and conform to local and international standards. All International standard procedures are followed throughout the production process to ensure the top and safest quality. Routine metallurgical and chemical analyses are performed on each batch of incoming materials.23info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 24. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsBUILDING FACADE (STAMISOL)BUILDING FACADE (STAMISOL)The Architect Solution to innovate design for building facade, as a medium for advertisement, without altering the present facade of the building. STAMISOL is a product of Ferrari, a leading fabric supplier from france. This material has already established its stand in European Market , as on of the major compertitors in the field of Building Facade design. This new installation reveals the lightweight, resistance, homogeneity and dimensional stability of the textiles. These qualities derive from Prcontraint technology, which is invented to turn a textiles into a material fit for architecture.24info@baitalnokhada.comwww.baitalnokhada.com 25. We convert Ideas in to reality for benefitsWOODEN SWIMMINg POOLWOODEN SWIMMING POOLWooden Swimming Pool is delivered as a complete package, with everything needed to make your dream a reality. All you need to do, is lay a base (Concrete recommended) put up your swimming pool and fill with water nothing could be more simple. Or why not employ one of our installation teams to build the pool for you. Youd be surprised how little a complete package is. We can construct the concrete base for an above ground application. The wooden pools are made from a combina...</p>