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Working my way towards being able to articulate the process and value of storytelling with social media



2. A thousand words? 3. We have always been storytelling creatures 4. And are lives are storied We are multi-faceted and multi-storied Aggregating and rearranging our social media postings can represent these facets And, as long as we are alive and tweeting, these stories evolve We can either be intentional or un-intentional autobiographers 5. The medium for storytelling is always expanding 6. And the languages of story increase Puck Magazine, 1881 Internet, 1980s onward 7. 140 characters 8. Developing, and breaking apart, a story Just because the tools use 140 characters or 15 seconds of video doesnt mean that the same rules do not apply. Storyboarding, preplanning pays off Once you have the story you can parcel it out Multiple medias allow for creative expression Parsing out the action to twitter, dialog to video, scene transitions to images, etc 9. Storyboards and perspectives From : Matt Madden 99 ways to tell a story 10. Telling along the arc of critical hope In stories that are meant to project our work forward we create an arc of the future. A storytelling challenge find and tell the arc of critical hope Naivet or despair are the easy arcs Storytelling is a curatorial process (with social media) 11. Tech mediating the story Multi-medias Peer interaction it is social media opening up the telling to multiple perspectives, voices Stories as magnets or sponges 12. The tools TWITTER, INSTAGRAM AND AGGREGATORS 13. Twitter 140 characters Ability to embed: Links Images Hashtags 14. Instagram Capture images and video (15 seconds) Smartphone app Android and iPhone Tags 15. Soundcloud Audio Multi platform Tags 16. Hashtagsnarrative glue # used to group messages on many social networking sites A sorting and metadata mechanism 3rd party services can aggregate across social networks (eg, tagboard) 17. Twitter custom timelines Introduced 11/2013 Allows users to curate tweets and create stories Easily shareable Re-tweet Custom timeline widget 18. Feature added Fall 2013 No longer necessary to follow link to see images Twitter embedded pictures 19. Tagboard 20. Storify 21. An experiment in storytelling Working with 4-H youth to re-tell Romeo and Juliet using social media romeo-and-juliet-via-social-media 22. Contact Paul Treadwell @ptreadwell