Teaching with Sock Puppets: Activities, Apps, & Web Tools for All Learners

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ShellyTerrell.com Bit.ly/ELTLINKs Pear.ly/chyej Teaching With Sock Puppets Activities, Apps, & Resources Kasia - Sock Puppet by Philip Dean, Flickr When she puts a puppet on her hand, she lights up, she's very happy. ~ Heather Allen Sock Puppet Party Leftovers by Lorena Cupcake, Flickr Learn by TPR, repetition, meaningful dialogue, instruction Boosts creativity Makes communication less frightening Why sock puppets? Enhances the atmosphere Sock Puppet Craft by Harris County Public Library, Flickr For VYLs, bring them out for Sock Puppet Craft by Harris County Public Library, Flickr Learning Vocabulary Songs Games Story Time Play Sock Puppets 1st Grade by Meriwether Lewis Elementary, Flickr Use to teach diversity http://bit.ly/1etYFWA Sock Puppets by City of Tea Tree Gully Library, Flickr Use to teach recycling Bring in recycled materials for them to create their sock puppets Sock puppet interviews Sock Puppet Craft by Harris County Public Library, Flickr Puppets Say the Darnedest Things - 302/365 - 29 October 2011by John Flinchbaugh, Flickr Name? Where do they live? What are their favorite things? Whats your sock puppets story? LittleBirdTales.com Create stories about their sock puppets Zooburst.com Sock Puppet by Schoharie Library, Flickr Play games! Duck Duck Goose Simon Says Relay races Mr./ Mrs. How are you? I Spy SIMI Night by Brenna, Flickr Create sock puppets that are characters in a book/song & assign them actions/lines Committee by Quinn Dombrowski, Flickr Students work in pairs or small groups to come up with the dialogue Give them a topic or a few to choose from Throw a sock puppet show Tell jokes What did Luke Skywalker name his pet alligator? Darth Gator Sock Puppet by City Year, Flickr Host a sock puppet game show or talk show Applause by Alicia Gibb, Flickr Give class announcements Sockpuppet by Harris County Public Library, Flickr Cool Web Tools & Apps Sock Puppet by Alex Brown, Flickr Character Texts Creativelanguageclass.wordpress.com/tech-ideas/sock-puppets-app http://www.techchef4u.com/history/government-vs-puppet-pals/ Highlight Supreme Court Decisions Jokes Bullying Digital Citizenship Idioms Poetry Interviews Role-play More ideas! Shmuppet IOS App Send a 30 second video message via Twitter or email Eddie Sox IOS App Eats Raps & sings Blows bubble gum Sings Talk to him & he replies Character TextsSock n Boots App IOS Different languages Read to me option Coloring book Story maker Puppet Workshop IOS App Create sock puppets with various tools Listen to music while creating Business Essentials Sock Puppet School IOS App 8 short business videos with text Character TextsSocksinc.com Alternate Reality Game Character TextsSocksinc.com Alternate Reality Game Create a Sock Puppet Online http://www.heavygames.com/sockpuppet/playgame.asp http://pear.ly/chyej ShellyTerrell.com Bit.ly/ELTLINKs Pear.ly/chyej


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