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How to teach English using pictures and photos in the classroom


  • 1. Teaching with photosand picsBy Lobanova Anastasia, Unicorn 2014

2. Warm-up Picture Dictionary Activity: Ss are asked to put down their name vertically so that each letter is on aseparate line on the page (see the example on the next slide). Ss draw a picture to illustrate each letter of their name. The picturerepresents the word beginning with the corresponding letter and isconnected somehow with the personality of the student. You can ask the Ssto write key words instead of drawing ( A stands for Australia because its mydream to visit this country, S stands for summer when I was born, forexample) Ss swap the pictures and interpret the drawings by making guesses 3. ANASTASIA 4. An elephant in the room If you say there is an elephant in the room, youmean that there is an obvious problem ordifficult situation that people do not want to talkabout. Cambridge dictionary 5. 6. We can use pics or photos toteach these language areas Question forms Vocabulary on topic Animals: farm,wild,pets Everyday English 7. A mysterious person This is an activity for practising asking and answering questions Show the picture of a person (choose mysterious and thought provoking ones) Set up the model by asking the class questions like Where is the person from?What kind of family does he/she have? What does he/she do in free time? Whatare his dreams in life etc. Ask the class to work individually and think of their questions to the person. Sswrite them down. Ask a volunteer to sit in front of the class and the picture. Tell him that he is nowthe voice of the person depicted and is going to answer the questions like thatperson. The class asks the questions and after some minutes you can change theperson to be the voice 8. Group pictureactivity 9. This activity can be used for introducing and practising vocabulary Ask children to draw pictures on a certain topic (ex. Animals) on the board.Each child draws one pic. Label the pics with words, drill them with the class Wipe off one item and say The dog has gone now or There isnt a dog(choose the grammar to practice). Make the children go to the board, wipeone item off and give the comment like in the example Children then can imagine themselves as the animal they have drawn andask each other questions like What do you like eating?, Where do you liveetc. (to practice questions) Children can also make a dialogue between 2 animalsThink of your own variations of the tasks with a group picture! 10. Catch phrases 11. This activity is great for practicing functional language Choose a number of phrases you would like to practise and print them out onseparate strips of paper (big enough to be read from the board).Congratulations! , Youre joking!, Thats fantastic news etc. Choose a number of pictures with people on them (they can be all sorts ofpeople including celebrities). Tell your Ss that each person from the picture hashis catch phrases and always repeats it when talking. Practise the phrases with the class, drill them properly. You can cover them at acertain stage and make your class say them from memory. After that you ask the class to make groups of 3 and imagine themselves as thepeople on the pictures. Make them improvise and make up spontaneousdialogues. The important thing is for Ss to use the catch phrases as often aspossible in their talk. After some period of time ask the class to choose anotherphrase and continue.