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  • 1. Teaching with Mobile DevicesJudith Logan Reference Librarian, Robarts LibraryCo-Chair Library Mobile Working Group

2. What works for you Todays mantra 3. Presentation deliveryBackchanne lClassroomresponse systems 4. http://bit.ly/15tbJZA Folder for the class 5. PRESENTATION DELIVERY 6. Delivering presentationsSlideSharkDesktoDesktoMobilep only p withonlymobileremote 7. Android: http://bit.ly/15tbJZAiOS: open SlideShark 8. BACKCHANNEL 9. DefinitionBackchannel communication is a secondaryelectronic conversation that takes place atthe same time as a conference session,lecture, or instructor-led learning activity(Educause) 10. Twitter Micro-blogging platform Follow and be followed Special features @messages #hashtags Stars Direct messages (DMs) 11. Hashtags Discoverable Contextual Expressive 12. Twitter adoption matrixIn-classOutside of classIn-class directedbackchannel discussiondiscussionUses Ad hoc class Extend class Guided questionsdiscussions discussionwith student Real time Communicate RE: responsescommentingreadings or collected for later Recording assignments analysisdivergentviewpointsBenefits Engages less vocal Community Engages all students buildingstudents in Archives Continuity b/wdiscussions in ephemera class sessionslarge lectureclasses (Reo & Sample) 13. You will need1. Widespread Twitter use2. Means of visualization Tweetflow revisit Tweetwall Pro $$ Visible Tweets Twitters search 14. Would you consider using abackchannel in your class?Why or why not? Tweet your answer Hashtag #THE500 Visualiz e 15. What do faculty think?I was super-nervous because to me,teaching means a lot of talkinggiving alecture or giving a discussion []I was worried that it would get out of controland either be very much off-topic or nobodywould have anything to say.(Azevedo) 16. What do students think? "Im not that outspoken in class, so I wouldnever ask a question out loud to theprofessor. (Young) I am completely overwhelmed by thisconcept (Azevedo) 17. Beware Twecklingdanah boyd at Web 2.0 Expohttp://youtu.be/tw6eh2-nxaA 18. CLASSROOM RESPONSE SYSTEMS 19. Clickers 2.0 Universidad de Navarra on Flicker 20. Uses(1)eliciting student feedback,(2)identifying students preconceptions and assumptions about course material,(3)facilitating opportunities for small- and large-group discussions,(4)improving social cohesion in the learning community, and(5)gathering anonymous data from students to support conceptual application(Hoekstra & Mollborn) 21. http://bit.ly/Za60TbActivity instructions 22. Activity Get into groups of four or five. One group member is the designatedTweeter Capture the groups discussions with tweetsthroughout the activity. #THE500 hashtag Evaluate your assigned CRS. Set up a two or three question poll. Try to take the poll yourselves, too. We will take it up as a class. 23. Classroom Response Systems Poll Everywhere Socrative Teacher Google Moderator Class Pager Top Hat Monocle eClicker