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  • 1. TakingPhotographs

2. Camera and setupThis is the background I used. This is the lighting setup IIt is a blue screen, so it is easier for used. Basically just two lamps.me to edit in Photoshop becausethe background has only onecolour. 3. The camera I used was aCanon IXUS 115 HS 4. Shoot Nr.1Here are some Photographs I took on the first shoot. I tookDavid as a model because he kind of reminded me of Eminemand this is perfect for my magazine.I tried different poses to have some choice in the productionprocess. 5. I gave him a hoodie-jacket, a hat and some earphones.In this way I target my audience in a better way.Later I realised that the lighting wasnt right in Shoot Nr.1 but I fixed it withPhotoshop. I show you how in a different presentation. 6. Shoot Nr.2 In the second shoot I took a lot of photographs because my model Nomaan would be on my front cover as well. I tried different poses and different cap positions. 7. Behind the scenes ;D 8. Peng 9. PengPeng 10. Peng


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