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Hi, I'm a Planner with BBDO agency, Irish International. I was invited to talk about innovation in the ad industry at SXSW 2013 and while I was there I noted some themes that were occurring at the convention. Have a look, and let me know what you think @finianmurphy


  • 1. AUSTIN, TXSXSWINTERACTIVE | FILM | MUSICThe @finianmurphyreport @finianmurphy @ SXSW

2. What is SXSW ?Established 1987, South by Southwest is aconvention for the music, film and interactive (tech &advertising) industries.Hosted by the residents of Austin, TX, SXSWbecomes home to 100,00 marketers, movie makersand musicians who converge on the city for tendays, every March, to discuss and shape the future.@finianmurphy @ SXSW 3. Last year, 2012, what was the hype? MOBILESOCIAL NETWORKS APPS Brands which were embracingSocial design was king and everyApps for finding people, findingmobile into their strategies, using product and campaign which places, adding tags, declaringlocation and building on the didnt have social networks atinterests, sharing photos, makingsecond screen trend.their core was, making coffee... @finianmurphy @ SXSW 4. Last year, 2012, what was the hype? } It was all about the technology @finianmurphy @ SXSW 5. 2013, we parked the technology { 1 BehaviourIt was a return to 2 Physical Objectsthe real world 3 Storytelling@finianmurphy @ SXSW 6. 1 BehaviourWe have moved beyond the debatesabout technology adoption,about social networksabout mobile,about old vs. new mediaWe have now returned to observing consumer behaviour,digital just happens to be part of this.@finianmurphy @ SXSW 7. Content for all platformsThe railroad trackshave been built now the question is,Whats worthsharing on them?Jonah Peretti, founder & CEO of BuzzFeed (25 million monthlyunique users) describes how we should stop talking about thetechnology and focus on the content we are creating. @finianmurphy @ SXSW 8. How Twitter is changing TV viewingUS dramaAmerican IdolSuperBowlWere chatting onlinewhile watching live TV, butwho are we talking towhile binging on boxsets?Breaking BadThese charts show the level of social media conversations fordifferent types of TV. Finales and events can cause a dramatic spike,while streaming/VOD peaks early and then tails off@finianmurphy @ SXSW 9. How Twitter is changing TV viewingAgencies are currently notset up to react to TVviewers who are tweetingalong with showsOreos was cited as a brand with a simple tactic, tweeting out thisimage during the SuperBowl in reaction to the lights going out duringthe football game. It was amplied by over 30,000 RTS or likes.@finianmurphy @ SXSW 10. Foursquare has created the social mapFoursquare can now showthe behaviour of people incities - when and where theytravel, work, eat and relaxMany have written Foursquare off, but moving from a game wherepeople check-in to a search utility for nding the best places to go, itnow offers a social layer of maps, with over 3 billion points of interest @finianmurphy @ SXSW 11. Online marketplaces now provide viable optionsAirBnB provides not just aplace to rest your head butprovides a unique experiencenot available anywhere elseOnline marketplaces with unique experiences (e.g. sharing a vintagecar via RealityRides; Etsy connecting directly with craftmaker) arebecoming serious competitors to mainstream brands.@finianmurphy @ SXSW 12. What does this mean for communications?Every consumer is digitalIt is not a young persons gameEvery idea has digital baked inIdeas without digital will not succeedWe need to plan faster and be more agileAs creative content is devoured quickly1 Behaviour @finianmurphy @ SXSW 13. 2 Physical ObjectsWe have been obsessed withthe online worldthe digital spacethe mobile appsthe social networksHowever people seek something tangible, a return to thereal world, physical things which can also be connected. @finianmurphy @ SXSW 14. Bringing Google (AdWords) into the real worldGoogle is encouragingBy bringingdevelopers to build ideas fortechnology closer Glass, but at $1,500 will itever reach the masses? we can get it out ofthe wayTimothy Jordan, Developer Advocate, GoogleGoogle live-demoed their Glass product, a pair of glasses whichdisplays information in the foreground of your vision as you go aboutyour day - bringing digital information into the the real world. @finianmurphy @ SXSW 15. Wearable Technology: The Talking Shoe While the shoe might be far off, people are already actively broadcasting their every move, meal, movie...Every move the user makes generates data thats captured using an accelerometer, gyroscope andpressure sensors. The data is translated into commentary that gets pushed to banners and social media,creating new, interesting content in the digital world from something happening live in the physical one. @finianmurphy @ SXSW 16. The best interface is no interfaceLeap Motion was the hottest technology launch at SXSW 2013, allowingpeople to interact with computers with their hand gestures - it is onestep closer to removing interfaces we interact with.@finianmurphy @ SXSW 17. 3D printing digital creative Allowing people to print objects has created a community of makers who help in product development3D printing allows the user to print physical objects from designs theycreate or download. This allows prototypes to be quickly created.GeoMagic Inc has produced a 3D printer for home and school use.@finianmurphy @ SXSW 18. Major online retail now experimenting with pop-upsThe retail world has realisedthat the consumer wants to experience both online andofine buying opportunities.Owned by Gap Inc. has created a NYC pop-up shop inorder to see what clothes people buy in the physical world where touchis important, and what people are happy to buy online. @finianmurphy @ SXSW 19. To have and to holdThis is not anti-tech,were not turning offelectricity, There is a revival of older but we all like to eat by traditions that are fading with the transition to digitalcandlelight Vinyl Never Die in music, photography, art.Physical artifacts can be keepsakes, identity markers and statussymbols. Physical objects also have a longevity that digital objects lack;76% of a JWT 2013 survey said as much. @finianmurphy @ SXSW 20. What does this mean for communications? Consumers seek great ofine experiences As well as smart technologies An idea should live in a real and virtual place Physical (outdoor, retail) and online (sites, mobile) Ideas people will experience (everywhere) These moments will be shared with others2 Physical Objects @finianmurphy @ SXSW 21. 3 StorytellingOur focus has been onbig datathe social media strategythe celebrity endorsementthe sponsored eventHowever there can be an emotional void in digital work,and emotions in our creative is vital, storytelling is vital@finianmurphy @ SXSW 22. Storytelling involves taking risksWhen youremaking a story...the things you Danny Boyle (Slumdogthink you shouldnt do...Millionaire, Trainspotting and the Olympics Opening do themCeremony) on risk takingDavid Carr (New York Times writer) described Boyles 2013 movieTrance as the type of story that when you hit the sidewalk, you dontwant to be by yourself, you want to talk about it with someone else@finianmurphy @ SXSW 23. Do you have a community? Use themLEGO leans to their adultfans to help them developnew products and act asadvocates of the brand.LEGO presented an impressive case study which has shown how theircrowdsource model for New Product Development has led to storiesbeing created around three new products in the past year.@finianmurphy @ SXSW 24. Big Data driving creativity! Data is helping to inform better decision making, but must be balanced with human instinct. We know what people watch onNetflix and how big a likely audience is for a given showbased on peoples viewing habitsJonathan Friedland, Netix Communications DirectorWhen Netix analysed their bank of TV and lm shows, the viewing datatold them people liked Kevin Spacey, political dramas and David Fincher,which led them to commission a 13 part drama - House of Cards. @finianmurphy @ SXSW 25. Data without soul is meaninglessData can inform us, but itdoes not account foremotions or empathy,created by storytellingThere is an emotionalvoid in the digital age Paul Woolmington: Naked Comms founderThe Good Night Light, brings is a physical object which is connected to the internet to allow youknow when your friends or family turn on and off their lamp indicating that they are in their homes(storytelling). This brings an emotion and a behaviour right into a digital product.@finianmurphy @ SXSW 26. 2013, we parked the technology{1 Behaviour This year it wasall about the real2 Physical Objects worldThe Wall Street Journal3 Storytelling @finianmurphy @ SXSW 27. So what about 2014?One of the certainties ofbeing a futurist is thateverything is temporaryBRUCE STERLING, SXSW CLOSING SPEECH 2013 @finianmurphy @ SXSW