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2. LISTEN. 3. THIS IS WHERE I HAD MY FIRST KISS. 4. THIS IS WHERE MY FATHER DIED. 5. THIS IS WHERE MY FATHER FIRST SAW MY MOTHER. 6. THIS IS WHERE I STOOD WHEN I FOUGHT. 7. THIS IS WHERE I WAS WHEN I WAS A PART OF HISTORY. 8. THIS IS WHERE MY GRANDPA LIVED WHEN HE WAS A BOY. 9. Facebook designers want users to remember and experience good interactions with friendsso much so that serotonin, our happiness hormone, has become a design guideline. -SmartPlanet, 2012 10. THE BROADCASTR APP IS SHUTTING DOWN 11. WE UNDERSTAND HUMANITY FROM PERSONAL ARCHIVES 12. WE BECOME WHAT WE BEHOLD. WE SHAPE OUR TOOLS, & THEREAFTER OUR TOOLS SHAPE US. MARSHALL MCLUHAN, 1964 13. I AM THIS PORTRAIT PICTURE. 14. I AM THIS PORTRAIT PICTURE. 15. IN ALL LIKELIHOOD YOU WOULD NEVER SEE YOUR FAMILY AGAIN. YOU GAVE THEM YOUR PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPH. 16. THE ONLY CAMERA THAT ANYBODY CAN USE 17. THE CHRISTMAS PHOTOS 18. SUMMER VACATION PHOTO THE SUMMER VACATION PHOTOS 19. GRADUATION/BDAY PHOTO THE LIFE EVENTS PHOTOS 20. WE ARE ANCHORED BY OUR ANCESTORS. 21. SHE HOLDS A PICTURE OF HER MOTHER SHE FOUND IN THE RUBBLE OF HER TORNADO- DESTROYED HOME. OKLAHOMA, 2013 22. I WAS JUST SO TOUCHED THAT SOMEBODY FOUND IT. IT WAS KIND OF LIKE GETTING A LITTLE PIECE OF OUR FAMILY BACK. 23. A page from my teenage archives. 24. Me, in 8th grade. 25. TURKEY SANDWICH, THE SNOW, fancy dinner shots, ETC. ETC. Include turkey photo from my original presentation Point it too illustrate sheer mass 26. If you dont save it you wont exist. 27. THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS HAS 838 MILES OF BOOKSHELVES TODAY, WE CREATE AN EQUIVALENT AMOUNT OF CONTENT DIGITALLY EVERY 10 MINUTES 28. RIGHT NOW, WE HAVE OVER 500 MILLION* RECORDED PERSONAL HISTORIES *OVER 500 MILLION PEOPLE USE FACEBOOK 29. Hi Barack, you made us proud! America, you have renewed my trust in humanity! I am South African and I marvel at the fact that my child will grow up in a world where the greatest nation has been led by a black person and see that as normal! Thank you America, and thank you Obama for living your dream and not suppressing it! Posted at 4:06pm, December 12, 2008 I Am Voting For Change, Facebook Group 30. SALMAN RUSHDIE 31. IMAGINE HAVING A RECORD YOU REALLY WANT TO LISTEN TO 32. THE MEDIA ARCHAEOLOGY LAB 33. INSIDE HERE ARE THE PIECES OF YOUR PERSONAL HISTORY 34. the impulse to preserve something to be remembered while leaving out something to be forgottenis found in individual and collective minds, historically and fictionally. Jacques Derrida, 1964 The Concept of the Archive 35. 1. EVERY MONTH GO THROUGH YOUR PHOTOS & DOCUMENTS 1. PICK JUST A FEW 1. PRINT THEM ON HIGH QUALITY PAPER, NOT CHEAPLY 1. CAPTION YOUR PHOTOS WITH A SOFT PENCIL