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A survival sales kit presentation for AIESEC to build sales attitude. Part of the presentation inspired by Imre Szucs, DEVELOR International.


<ul><li> 1. SURVIVALSALES KIT</li></ul> <p> 2. bakaal 1 3. ? 4. thefour steps 2 5. the river flows 2 6. missing piece3 7. mastery 4 8. 1 bakaal2 the four steps the river flows3 the missing piece4 mastery 9. SURVIVAL SALES KIT Photo Credits: First Aid Kit by luxomedia A Few Trades More by .SilentMode Lego People by Joe Shlabotnik River by Moyan Brenn Secret Garden by Ilamnudds Yoda by arycogre Various else by Imre Szucz, Develor InternaKonal Over the valley by Marek Lutz Marek Lutz</p>