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    Surveillance Video Introduction

    B&H is continuing to expand its commitment to the growing needs in the Security, Surveillance, and Monitoring arena and is ready to provide you with a system designed to fi t your needs and budget. B&H has the expertise and resources to ensure that you get the right equipment from our portfolio of qualifi ed companies. Applications can run from observation and monitoring to sophisticated confi gurations designed for highly-sensitive security applications. In any case, we’ve got you covered! We’ll help you see what you want to see. With over 30 years of experience in video and photography, you will benefi t from the expertise of our friendly, trained staff.

    Surveillance cameras come in a variety of shapes, forms, sizes, and functionality – from black and white to color, fi xed or Pan-Tilt-Zoom, covert to overt, nanny cams to dome cameras to IP network cameras. Regardless of your need, B&H has the product depth and breadth to fi t any application.

    Many factors determine what type of equipment you may need. There are myriad applications for surveillance cameras. Of course, the primary usage is for security from criminal or mischievous activity in or around your business or home. However, there are more and more documented case studies of alternative uses including traffi c control, warehouse management, remote site viewing, public safety – the uses are as unlimited as the imagination.

    Consider what will help determine the right equipment for you. What are you trying to observe? How far away is it? What type of detail do you require? Some questions to answer include: What type of lighting will there be? Will you need cameras indoors or outdoors or both? How wide a viewing angle? Another important factor to consider is to whether or not and to what degree you need to record the video. How do you intend to back up the video? For how long do you need to archive this video data?

    At B&H, we will guarantee that your expectations are exceeded by providing you with complete system requisite accessories – including cameras, DVR / NVR, lens, monitors, controllers, power, wiring, cabling, multiplexers, and much more.

    ANALOG SIGNAL Most CCTV cameras, although working internally with digital components, produce a standard analog signal where the image is represented by variable voltage level and frequency timings. In the USA, the standard is called NTSC.

    BACK-LIGHT COMPENSATION This is a feature that allows a camera to automatically adjust to compensate for bright sunlight or bright lights, to give more detail on the darker areas of the image.

    CCD (CHARGE COUPLED DEVICE) One of the two main types of image-sensing device used in cameras, it operates by converting light energy into an electrical charge. A semiconductor device that converts optical images to electronic signals.

    C MOUNT LENS & CS MOUNT LENS These are the two main types of lenses that mount on Surveillance cameras. The CS mount lenses are more widely used today on Surveillance cameras.

    DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER (DVR) Records an analog signal (see defi nition above) onto its Hard Disk Drive digitally. Most DVR’s can be accessed through the LAN, or over the internet.

    LUX This is a measurement of the “Minimum Illumination” required for a camera to produce an image in low lighting. The lower the rating, the more sensitive the camera is in low lighting. The abundance of light delivers a better-quality picture. In less light, the picture tends to have more video noise, and a grainy picture. This specifi cation can be defi ned with the f/Stop and gain settings needed to achieve the lowest lux possible.

    MATRIX SWITCHER A switcher with the capability of switching an array of input sources to an array of output destinations, connected, glitch-free. Allows any of its camera inputs to be switched to one or more DVR or monitor outputs.

    MULTIPLEXER Takes inputs from 2 or more video channels and combines them into one signal.

    IP/NETWORK CAMERA Cameras that capture video information and transmit it over an IP network. The images are encoded via compression techniques (i.e. JPEG or MPEG). “Network” cameras should not be confused with a “webcam” which needs to be attached to a computer to operate. Network cameras usually offer some interface so that the user can operate and view the video remotely over the Internet.

    NETWORK VIDEO RECORDER (NVR) NVRs accept network (IP) camera inputs. Traditional CCTV camera’s signal would need to be encoded for input into an NVR.

    TELEVISION LINES (TVL) The resolution of a video device is measured in TVL; the higher the number, the higher the resolution.

    PoE (POWER OVER ETHERNET) Abbreviation refers to power to an IP camera using Cat5 Ethernet cables, eliminating the need for an additional power source and cabling.

    PTZ Acronym for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom; refers to a camera’s ability to change its area of view, as needed by the operator or system.

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