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If your goal is to satisfy your customers, then you are aiming too low. Instead, aim to surprise your customers in an unexpected way.



2. THE ROAD TO GREAT CUSTOMEREXPERIENCE2Source: Bain & Company 3. 3WHY SURPRISEYOUR CUSTOMERSIS SO IMPORTANT. 4. 4We spend most of our time andmoney on acquiring customersand building products. 5. 5Customers feelleft out. 6. 670%of buying experiences are basedon how the customer feels he/sheis being treatedSource: Hubspot 7. 756%of customers, who are having apoor service, talk to other peopleabout them.Source: ECHO customer service survey 2012 8. 8ATTENTION!!!Your businessis always atstake. 9. 9The customersperception of yourcompany 10. 10is formed by every smallinteraction with you 11. 11 because theyare part of thelarger experience. 12. of customer loyalty is createdin post-sales activities but1280% 13. delight and surprise customers is notjust a post-sale activity.13 14. Delight and surpriseyour customers hasto be in your DNAbecause 15. customers will never loveyour company until youremployees love it first.15 16. 16Delight your employeesand they will delightyour customers.Happy employees create happycustomers and allow for sustainedcustomer delight. 17. 17HOW TO SURPRISEYOUR CUSTOMERS. 18. 18#1 THE UNEXPECTEDSURPRISEFrom time to time, you can surprise acustomer who has a birthday within daysfrom a contact and you send him e.g. at-shirt as a gift.Ship small gifts like candy in everypackage as an extra thanks to ourcustomer. 19. 19#2 DONT MANAGE BYCALL LENGHTIt may at first sight seem counterproductive,but many companies have found that themore time you spent advising a customer,the better return on investment.Invest in your customers and theyll invest inyou. 20. 20#3 ALWAYS HANG UP LASTTrain your employees to always hang up last.This allows a customer to always add something at theend of a call and prevent them from ever feeling cut off. 21. #4 LITTLE THINGS COUNTSIts essential to call customers back if they getcut off or if you forgot to tell them something.Send a customer a message asking if theirphone is working as expected.Offer them a (complimentary) cold bottle ofwater on a hot day.These little things go a long way towardsbuilding loyalty with our customers21 22. 22#5 Surprise when least expectedOnce in a while your customers will experience an error or that your website isbeing updated.Make that experience a fun experience and you will experience that customersis more likely to forgive you.AHHHHH! YOU FOUND ME!Unfortunately you have found an elusive 404 error page, which means the page you were looking for is not here. 23. 23#6 NO MORE BAD UPSELLAlways try to fulfill the customers needs, but there is no reason to pressure them withbad upsell when you are solving their problems.In other words, dont sell them a new product they dont need. 24. #7 UNDER PROMISE AND OVERDELIVERAlways over deliver and provide more value than ourcustomers expect.This way they are always pleasantly surprised with yourwork.There are many ways of over delivering, like shippingpackages earlier than promised. 25. #8 TAKE OWNERSHIP OF PROBLEMSDont leave a customer in doubt of what is going to happen next.Do what you say you are going to do: Ill get back to you with anupdate by the end of the dayEven if you dont have much to report, get back to the customer!Never let a customer call us more than one time with the sameproblem25 26. 26#9 EMPATHY IS IMPORTANTPut yourself in the customers shoes.See things through their eyes. Think about howyou want to be treated when things go south witha product or a service that you purchased.Are you satisfied when you are brushed off? Doyou like the way you feel when you are not takenseriously? Of course not!Act like its you on the other side of the phone andyou cant go wrong. 27. #10 ENCOURAGE EMPLOYEES TO CAREPerform at least one act of kindness a day, such as opening the door for acustomer, or carrying heavy parcels to cars.Being prepared to 'walk the extra mile.For example, asking an employee who lives close to a customer to make anurgent delivery on the way home, or to check that an installation has gonesmoothly, can generate very positive word of mouth. 28. 28#11 BE ACCESSIBLEManagers should be accessible and easy to get incontact with.Customers should be encouraged to contact themanagement.Remember that customers keep business inbusiness.If you dont take care of your customers, someoneelse will. 29. 29#12 BUILD A CUSTOMERFOR LIFEAlways approach your customers with apersonalized warm welcome.Always listen politely to understand thecustomers needs.Always communicate and connect withcustomers.Always help our customer to get startedAlways end with a fond farewell andinvitation to return. 30. 30#13 UNLOCK CUSTOMER COMPLAINTSOne of the main delights for customers is getting support tickets andcomplaints answered by the top management.Customers get delighted when they see the managers at the top taketime out for this. 31. 31THANKYOU#14 DESIGN THE EXPERIENCE IN ALL TOUCH POINTSWhen shipping a package, show your gratitude and thank your customers with a sticker ornote that reads, Thanks for being a customer since with the year the customer firstordered from us. New customers reads, we will try our best to give you the best serviceyou ever experienced.Taking that extra step to make a purchase feel more like a gift can pay off in big ways.. 32. 32#15 MAKE IT EXCLUSIVE AND SPECIALOrganize once a month an executive breakfast for the 10 best (not necessarilylargest) business clients. As a top decision maker, do not send a substitute. 33. 33#16 CREATE TOGETHER WITH CUSTOMERSBe co-creative and involve employees and customers to develop new andrelevant delights and surprises. 34. #17 MAKE IT SIMPLE AND INTUITIVECarefully craft the experience to be as straightforward as possible. Leverage feedback toconstantly improve and update the experience at least once a year. 35. #18 SHOW THAT WE LISTENShow the customers that you listen and fix issues that matters for the customers. The goalhas to be to improve the experience, so customers chooses to stay with you.35 36. 36#19 BE A CUSTOMEREvery employee is encouraged to tryto be a customer.Thats why employees every monthshouid be giving the time andresources to try to be a customer.Ask them to share their experienceand proposal for improvement withthe rest of the organization. 37. 37#20 SERVING THECUSTOMERSEveryone that's hired, it doesn't matter whatposition, goes through the exact same trainingas your call center or retail agents.They're actually on the phone for two weekstaking calls from customers or serving yourcustomers at a shop.Because serving the customers should be theheart of your business, so when the queue inCustomer Service is too long, everybody cantake a call. 38. Thank youContact 39. Thanks to the following great companies forproviding statistics and inspirationThanks to these fantastic people for being aninspirationMy wife and children, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Wallace Green, Marek Slacik,Jesper Hansen, Eivind Karlsen and Mattias RingqvistZappos, Apple, Telenor, HubSpot,, Nordstrm Virgin Media, Bain and manymore