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The Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate Convening - June 2014 University of Denver Principles to Practice: Operationalizing CPED in the Local Context Kelly H. Summers, Assistant Professor Patrick Roberts, Chair – Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations Department Jon G. Crawford, Associate Professor

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Page 1: Summers, Roberts, & Crawford

The Carnegie Project on the Education DoctorateConvening - June 2014University of Denver


Principles to Practice: Operationalizing CPED in the Local Context

Kelly H. Summers, Assistant ProfessorPatrick Roberts, Chair – Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations DepartmentJon G. Crawford, Associate Professor

Page 2: Summers, Roberts, & Crawford

NIU – Life Before

1899 - Northern Illinois Normal School opened its doors to 173 aspiring classroom teachers.

NIU evolved into a nationally recognized research university offering 78 graduate programs.

Over sixty percent of the 50,000 College of Education alumni live in Illinois.

One in four of Illinois superintendents received their training in NIU’s educational leadership program.

Page 3: Summers, Roberts, & Crawford

NIU’s Journey Begins …

MEMORANDUM (January 7, 2007) TO: Education Dean and Principal Investigator

FROM: Lee Shulman, David Imig, Richard Schwab, & Robert Yinger

SUBJECT: Carnegie Initiative on the Professional Practice Doctorate

We are writing to invite you to become a part of the Carnegie Initiative on the Professional Practice Doctorate …

Page 4: Summers, Roberts, & Crawford

An Opportunity to …

Walk, Talk and Learn from Giants in the Field.

Page 5: Summers, Roberts, & Crawford

The Seeds for NIU’s Concept of an Extended, Embedded, and Integrated Internship Model emerged from the work of the Educational Leadership Faculty at Vanderbilt University's Peabody College.

The work of colleagues at both Arizona State University and the University of Houston also informed and the Internship Model’s evolution.

October 2007 Convening in Nashville, Tennessee

Page 6: Summers, Roberts, & Crawford

Seven semesters,

Integrated with program curriculum

Elbow Learning (Ryan, 1939)

Addresses an authentic problem of practice aligned with school district vision and mission

School districts serve as “laboratories of practice” (Shulman, 2007, p. 562)

Internship yields a tangible benefit to the school district.

An Overview of NIU’s Extended, Embedded, and Integrated Internship Model …

Page 7: Summers, Roberts, & Crawford

Summer 2008

Kildeer Doctoral Cohort – a consortium formed by seven public school districts to sponsor a doctoral program their district leaders including principals, assistant principals, directors of student services, curriculum leaders, and associate superintendents, and

In addition to the doctorate (Ed.D), the eight-semester program of study met the Illinois requirements for superintendent licensure.

NIU’s First Carnegie Influenced Doctoral Cohort …

Page 8: Summers, Roberts, & Crawford

Kildeer Doctoral Cohort Program of Study

Page 9: Summers, Roberts, & Crawford

Postscript to the Kildeer Cohort …

“Working in the NIU cohort was a rewarding experience. The connections madebetween cohort members were extremely beneficial to build networking opportunities with other professionals in our field. Integrating new learning into practical situations in my district was very useful. The tools and strategies learned in class were quickly integrated into daily interactions in my role in the district.” Paul Louis, Director of Curriculum and Instruction,Kildeer Countryside Community Consolidated School 96 “The NIU doctoral cohort allowed us to participate in rigorous curriculum whilealso contributing to our school districts through research and projects. Meeting locally with educators from our area allowed us to make the experience relevant to our current reality.”

Julie Schmidt, Superintendent, Kildeer CountrysideCommunity Consolidated School District 96

Page 10: Summers, Roberts, & Crawford

Duquesne UniversityPittsburg, PAOctober 21-23, 2009

Education Doctorate Definition & Working Principles We, the members of CPED, believe"The professional doctorate in education prepares educators for the application of appropriate and specific practices, the generation of new knowledge, and for the stewardship of the profession.” …The Professional doctorate in education:① Is framed around questions of equity, ethics, and social justice to bring about solutions to

complex problems of practice.② Prepares leaders who can construct and apply knowledge to make a positive difference in

the lives of individuals, families, organizations, and communities.③ Provides opportunities for candidates to develop and demonstrate collaboration and

communication skills to work with diverse communities and to build partnerships.④ Provides field-based opportunities to analyze problems of practice and use multiple

frames to develop meaningful solutions.⑤ Is grounded in and develops a professional knowledge base that integrates both practical

and research knowledge, that links theory with systemic and systematic inquiry.⑥ Emphasizes the generation, transformation, and use of professional knowledge and


Page 11: Summers, Roberts, & Crawford

#2 – Fall 2011Glencoe Doctoral Cohort Program of Study

Page 12: Summers, Roberts, & Crawford

#3 – Summer 2012Joliet Doctoral Cohort Program of Study

Page 13: Summers, Roberts, & Crawford

#4 – Fall 2012Hoffman Estates Doctoral Cohort Program of Study

Page 14: Summers, Roberts, & Crawford

#5 – Fall 2013Naperville Doctoral Cohort Program of Study

Page 15: Summers, Roberts, & Crawford

December 16, 2013

Problem of Practice Definition:  A Problem of Practice is as a persistent, contextualized, and specific issue embedded in the work of a professional practitioner, the addressing of which has the potential to result in improved understanding, experience, and outcomes.

Revised DiP definition: The Dissertation in Practice (DiP) provides evidence of the scholarly practitioner’s ability to address a complex problem of practice to improve understanding, experience, and outcomes.This definition will be demonstrated thru:

Evidence of systematic scholarship Impact on practice –

i. Intent of impact on professional practice clearly identifiedii. Outcomes clearly identifiediii. Shared with community partners


Problem of Practice and DiP Definitions …

Page 16: Summers, Roberts, & Crawford

• Helping others at NIU to understand what a CPED dissertation looks like• Buy in

• Ensuring our students work through the dissertation in a timely manner• Selecting a problem of practice• Taking another job leaves a void

• Ensuring capacity in our program areas• Budget cuts, retirements, etc.

Issues we are working through

Page 17: Summers, Roberts, & Crawford

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