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We must learn to be our greatest cheerleader.Let us create winning days, winning weeks, winning months and finally a Winner's life.


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We are 1000 times more powerful, more courageous, more fearless, more gifted, and more talented than we know.

For so many years of our own life, we sell ourselves short. http://www.mikelitman.comWe let fear and doubt dominate our minds.

Sometimes we spend many hours of a day at a job we can't stand. We allow the environment to control our attitudes and beliefs. http://www.mikelitman.com

http://www.mikelitman.comWe tie our self worth to net worth and take away the joy from life. Our power comes from our awareness. If were not aware of our strength, how can we be strong?

We need to create awareness of our recurring negative thoughts. http://www.mikelitman.comWe need to bring greater awareness to our current beliefs.

We need to introspect whether our beliefs are supporting us or holding us in bondage/hostage?http://www.mikelitman.com

The Level of Success depends on how much we communicate with ourselves.We need to POWER SPEAK into ourselves daily.http://www.mikelitman.com

I am strong, powerful, and people are drawn to me.I am confident, gifted, and I love myself.My name is special, I am unique individual.http://www.mikelitman.comTo empower ourselves we need to say out aloud daily:The key here is to know that we are all responsible for building ourselves up.

http://www.mikelitman.comWe must learn to be our greatest cheerleader. Its time we look forward to a future, to a vision, that is bright.

When negativity is released we reach a new level of freedom and power. Know that Procrastination is the thief of profit. http://www.mikelitman.com

Let us create winning days, winning weeks, winning months and finally a Winner's life.http://www.mikelitman.com

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