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Strategies for Online Marketing and Building your Online PresencePresenter: Asif Anwar1About the Presenter

Co-founder, iVive LabsFormer National Consultant, A2ICo-founder, BIMPACasual Search Engine Journal BloggerStarted with Professional SEO in 2003Started Social Media Marketing in 2007Started PPC in 2008

ASIF ANWAR @SEOPPCSMM /asifanwarpage www.seoppcsmm.com2Online Marketing Happens, WhenSomeone or a companySearches and find your company in GoogleWhen a friend knows about you from your online activities and recommends youWhen you have fans and followers, because you provide good informationWhen unknown someone says you are good at something and recommends you3What can you do online?On the internet, you canExpress ideas and showcase skills & experienceShare all the above with everyoneInteract with others and maintain 2 way communicationEstablish yourself as authorityMeasure impression, traffic, and influence4Get Started with Online Branding5Analyzing Your Brand (Personal Branding)Can you own your actual name? (Asif Anwar)Is your name very common? (~20 of them by the same name)Can you add anything to your name? (Asif Anwar SEOExpert)Is there any nick name you use? (Pathik)What about a descriptor /pseudonym? (marketguru)Consider and choose a your brand (SEOExpert)Create a new term or phrase (SEOple SEO People)Is geography a consideration? (SEOExpertBD)6Finalizing Your BrandPick a brand nameGoogle your brand name (Zero Google result is ideal)Assess your current reputationCheck User Name availability with Create Social Media account for your personal brandingCreate Good Contents and enrich your social media profile Get URL Vanity URLs for your profiles (e.g. instead of get

7Popular Social Media Allowing Pages or BlogsFacebook = The most popular social media.Google Plus = The social media by GoogleTwitter = Your news media for spreading newsLinkedIn = Your professional networkImage Based Social Media = Pinterest, InstagramVideo sharing = YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, etc.Blog Networking = RSS Feeds, Blogspot , WordPress, Tumblr, Live Journal, Squidoo, Hubpages

8Blogging9About Blogging & Its ImportanceNot always about writing articlesBest way to embed all the rich contents in one placeProcess of expressing your ideasWeapon of mass promotionBest way to grow your online reputationBest way to engage audienceHelps you to engage in social media in more professional way than other methodsCreate firm evidence for your competencyProvide more evidence for competency10What to Blog?Participate in online community to understand the problemCreate a support community to solve problems of clientsSearch for keywords that are frequently searched and try to provide information on those topicsUnderstand your product or service very well and try to find best practices and blog about themPositively criticize competitors and engage in discussionsEngage with influential people in your industry and express your image as knowledgeable professional by bloggingThese tips are just the tip of the iceberg. Use your innovative mind for professional blogging

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