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Assignment 3 // St Assignment 3 // St Strategic Automotive // Tacettin O Source of Information: w trategic Automotive trategic Automotive sman Sazci & Ricardo Mejia // 2009. and others.

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It’s a short academic exercise of “strategic automotive design”, including only the design guidelines. The client was “Fiat group” and “Fiat automobiles SpA”. Its show my personal and particular skills doing strategic analysis, research and producing insights for a brand.


  • Assignment3 //St Assignment 3 // St trategicAutomotive trategic Automotive Strategic Automotive //Tacettin Osman Sazci &RicardoMejia//2009. SourceofInformation:w
  • Intro (Methodology&Managementsummary) Thebrand&po ortfolioanalysis Strategydesign
  • Intro Metho odology Research &Analysis Brand +Portfolio FiatAutomobilesS.p.A. FiatAutomobilesS.p.A. asabrand(isolation) asapartofFiatgroup Strategy Design y The 5Ps.Strategy y&futurescenario Analysis Philosophy Historic&CurrentSituation Portfolio Product FutureScenario Place Short/Medium/Longterm Price
  • B BrandAnalysis (ConclusionsfromAssignment1) FiatAutomobilesS.p.A./v / values/strategy/branding / / Italian brand / The theme of stressing the brands Italian f quality is expressed by the rediscovery of influences from Italian cars of the Sixties and Sevent ties and expressions of Italian culture, particularly fashion (* *) Innovation / because the only way to meet the challenges of y the future is to be innovative(* *) Mobility on human scale / not just sustainable, but livable, too t Fiats aim is to strike a balance between experience, creativity e and technology cars that are accessible and im mprove the quality of everyday life (**) (*)MissionFiatGroup.(**)MissionFiatAutomobileS.p.A.
  • B BrandAnalysis (ConclusionsfromAssignment1) Timelineanalysis. Time line analysis lowconsumptionoffuel/smallut tilitarian/popular/cleanengine/ utilitarian/versatile/flexible/threeworldclass/CARS
  • Port tfolioAnalysis (ConclusionsfromAssignment2)
  • Port tfolioAnalysis (ConclusionsfromAssignment2)
  • Port tfolioAnalysis (ConclusionsfromAssignment2)
  • Port tfolioAnalysis (ConclusionsfromAssignment2)
  • Port tfolioAnalysis (ConclusionsfromAssignment2)
  • Port tfolioAnalysis (ConclusionsfromAssignment2)
  • Port tfolioAnalysis (ConclusionsfromAssignment2)
  • Port tfolioAnalysis (ConclusionsfromAssignment2)
  • Strategydesign The 5Ps.Strategy y&futurescenario General Portfolio Medium Long Short Philosophy term term term Medium Medium Long Long Short Short Place term term term Medium Long Short Product term term term Medium Long Short Price term term term S.T.(20092014)/M.T.(201 142019)/L.T.(20192025)
  • General 2009 2025 Fiatgro oupportfoliobalance
  • General 2009 2025 Fiatportfoliobalance
  • Shortterm o 2009 2014
  • Shortterm o 2009 2014 Place
  • Shortterm o 2009 2014 Product&Price
  • Mediumterm u 2014 2019
  • Mediumterm u 2014 2019 Place
  • Mediumterm u 20142019 Product&Price
  • Longterm o 2019 2021
  • Longterm o 2019 2025 Place
  • Longterm o 20192025 Product&Price
  • Thank you /grazie! e