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Feye Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Case for iPad mini there are a few notable differences. For one, the FastFit is actually slightly wider than the iPad mini itself, while the Ultrathin aligns perfectly with the mini. That extra width accommodates the second difference; instead of a plastic, magnetic hinge like the Ultrathin, the FastFit has a solid aluminum strip for a hinge. It feels less chintzy than the Ultrathin's, but it makes the whole package appear asymmetrical, as opposed to looking like two equal halves. Inside you get the same single ridge that props the iPad up for typing.


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2. In most definitions, a Bluetooth keyboard is one that uses the Bluetooth wireless protocol to connect the keyboard to a mobile device, such as a cell phone or a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). Essentially, any standard QWERTY keyboard that makes use of Bluetooth could be considered a Bluetooth keyboard, but the most common definitions limit a Bluetooth keyboard to one that connects to a small, mobile device that doesn't contain its own keyboard. 3. FEYE newest product BTM01 has exclusive patent which breaks through the imagination. It's a good quality wireless Bluetooth mouse that can compatible with most computers, laptops and tablets. It's also a mouse style wireless Bluetooth speaker with Hi-fi stereo audio. Bluetooth version 3.0 and Built-in battery, Eco- Friendly, fashionable, funny and different experience, worth owning!!! 4. Model : AJ-81 6W Power Full Dual Speaker Touch Control Panel Line Play Play through SD Card Hands free Call 1000mAh Battery (Play time 8hour) NFC Function Inside the box: -1x Speaker -1x Charging Cable -1x Aux Cable -1x User Manual 5. Youll receive incoming call directly by function keys built in device,also adjust volume during call. It is portable to keep anywhere like your office place, drawing room,bedroom and almost anywhere you want.