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  • 1. Sept 19, 2013 I can define stimulus and response and give examples.

2. Stimulus and Response Why animals and plants do what they do OR A fancy way of saying cause and effect in the animal world. 3. Catalyst 1. Find vocab card for stimulus. 2. Under more understanding describe a situation in which you were immediately scared and/or reacted quickly to something. Write at least 2 sentences describing your experience. 4. What is a stimulus? Stimulus: any change in an organisms environment that causes the organism to react.It is a fancy way of saying cause. Example: An animal is cold so it moves into the sun. 5. What is a response? Response: how the organism reacts to a stimulus and results in a change in behavior. It is a fancy way of saying effect. Example: Getting a drink when you are thirsty. 6. Examples of stimuli and their responses: A rabbit gets scared so it runs away You are feeling cold so you put on a jacket A dog is hot so lies in the shade It starts raining so you take out an umbrella 7. Think Pair - ShareTurn to your partner and share two other stimuli and their responses. 8. There are two types of stimuli: External Stimulus and Internal Stimulus (Create a t-chart with external stimulus on one side and internal stimulus on the other.) 9. External Stimulus External stimulus: a stimulus that comes from outside an organism. Examples: 1. You feel cold so you put on a jacket. 2. A snake lunges at a rabbit so it runs away. 3. A dog feels hot so it goes to lay in the shade. 10. Internal Stimulus Internal stimulus: a stimulus that comes from inside an organism. Examples: 1. You feel hungry so you eat some food. 2. A cat feels thirsty so it drinks water. 11. Write the sentence of each stimulus in the proper column on your t-chart (Discuss this with your table) You have a stomach ache and decide to lay down. A bird is thirsty and drinks some water. A squirrel sees a cat and runs up a tree. A lion gets hungry and eats a gazelle. You see a spider and scream. 12. Animals can respond to stimuli in two ways: 1. In a way that they develop with experience. We call this learned behavior. OR 2. In a way that they were just born knowing how to do. We call this instinct. 13. Learned behavior: a response to a stimulus that an animal was taught. 14. A mother bear teaching her cubs to fish 15. Teaching an animal a trick 16. Training a dog 17. Even you have learned behavior. For example, you learned to read and to talk. 18. Now instinctive behaviors 19. Animals natural instinct is to run away from danger. We call this the need for safety. 20. Animals will naturally find or make themselves a home because they have a need for shelter. 21. Animals will naturally look for food and water. 22. Animals that need to will naturally migrate. 23. Animals instinctually know to store their food for the winter. 24. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.What is a stimulus? What is a response? Give one example of a stimulus and its response. What is an internal stimulus? What is an external stimulus? It is raining and you open up an umbrella. Is this an internal or external response? Justify your answer. What is learned behavior? What is an instinct? When a rabbit runs away from a wolf is this learned behavior or instinct? Justify your answer.