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Stay Connected With Mobile Apps Occupy Space on Member Smartphones Upward Bound Video

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Stay Connected with high school graduates by occupying space on their smartphones. Find out how to generated ongoing interaction with mobile apps.


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2. Whether standing in a line at coffee shop, lying in bed, or waitingfor a class to start, college students cant seem to put their phonesdown.* Survey Sources slide 19 3. Stay Connected With Mobile Apps Example: Upward Bound App Both high school and college students communicate with friends, family and teachersUpward Bound on their smartphones. Interactive Link Unlike a website, apps can deliver frequent interaction with your members.VideoCross Platform App Once launched your app will be immediately accessible on IPhone, Android and Blackberry operating systems. 4. Stay Connected with Mobile Apps Give students reasons to open your app. Students use mobile apps every day. Compete for their attention by providing:Upward Bound - Contact with other students - Resources for college success - Monthly intros to useful apps - Opportunities for mentoringVideo- A showcase for success stories 5. Stay Connected With Mobile Apps Make the Mobile Connection 6. Stay Connected with Mobile AppsAlert students to articles of interest. 7. Stay Connected With Mobile AppsOnce a month, post websites andapps that are useful to college students. 8. Stay Connected With Mobile AppsInvite students to send college life picturesto share with new students and old friends. 9. Stay Connected With Mobile AppsVideo Consider adding a YouTube Student Channel, for the students, by the students. Invite them to share videos. 10. Stay Connected With Mobile Apps Two times a year send a message to request a college status update. 11. Stay Connected With Mobile AppsConsider providing one-click dialingto reach Student Support. 12. Stay Connected With Mobile Apps When hosting student events, post - Math tutoring workshops - Academic counseling - Financial counseling - College tours - Stress management 13. Stay Connected With Mobile AppsMake it easy to send this app to a friend. 14. Stay Connected With Mobile AppsMembership App TemplateUpward Bound App Modification vs Custom App Development. Companies spend thousands of dollars to create custom apps. In contrast, by working with us to modify one of our templates you will dramatically reduce cost and development time.VideoCross Platform App Once launched your app will be immediately accessible on IPhone, Android and Blackberry operating systems. 15. Stay Connected With Mobile AppsTracking App Traffic Invite your members to install your newapp. Then, with Google Analytics you can track their activity. 16. Stay Connected With Mobile Apps Its Your Content Once your app is launched managing your content is like managing a newsletter. No technical skills required.Upward Bound Mobile Website Your app will be hosted on a mobile website created for app management. Changes made on your Mobile Website will display instantly on all smartphones. 17. Stay Connected With Mobile Apps For more information please contact: Andre James Marketwise Consulting 925.938.3600*Survey Sources: Pew Internet & American Project Just-in-time Information throughMobile Connections, May 2012 | University Of Colorado Boulder, Digital News TestKitchen Smartphone User Survey: A glimpse into the mobile lives of college students,February 2012 | Nielsen Americas new Mobile Majority: a Look At SmartphoneOwners in the U.S. May 2012