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State of the City Report 2013


<ul><li><p>State of the City</p><p>Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence</p></li><li><p>The City of Coral Springs continues to set itself apart as a vital, viable place to live, work and raise a family. </p><p>Entering our 50th Anniversary year, Coral Springs has successfully managed growth by staying focused on whats most important </p><p>to the community, and preparing our foundation for an even stronger future.</p><p>Honoring the promise of our founders, we have dedicated resources toward improving financial security, encouraging educational expansion, </p><p>and enhancing community assets that remain among the best in the nation. This was a year the City re-thought, refurbished and reinvigorated itself. </p><p> Coral Springs is proud to celebrate 50 years of excellence.</p></li><li><p>2Fiscal Year 2012, the City of Coral Springs dared to dream. Its something we do well; in fact, its an integral part of our community DNA. To grow from a bean field to one of the largest cities in Broward County took incredible vision and commitment. And were not done yet. </p><p>As the Citys 2012 report card, this annual report highlights just some of the accomplishments made through the joint efforts of the City Commission, City staff, and local residents and businesses. By themselves, these accomplishments show progress on our priorities, and hold us all accountable. Woven together, each of these efforts and programs creates the fabric of our vision. They demonstrate how the dreams of a few can become the reality of a community. </p><p>As Coral Springs approaches its 50th Anniversary, we see how this vision has us positioned well for the next 50 years. Our City enjoys fiscal stability, a growing business presence, a safe and beautiful environment we can all take pride in, and excellence in leadership and education. </p><p>An A Year in Education Coral Springs has made huge strides in educational excellence throughout the community. Our students attend more A schools than any other city in Broward County. Recently, Coral Springs Charter School, as well as all of our high schools, received an A rating. In addition, all of our middle schools and the majority of our elementary schools also achieved an A rat-ing. For a detailed list, turn to page 17.</p><p>Restoring our EnvironmentThis year, the City continued to make strides in enhancing our streets, parks and buildings. Nearly every major community park (and many of our smaller neighborhood parks) received a facelift with new landscaping, signage, playground equipment and facilities updates. Money magazine cited our recreational assets when it once again named Coral Springs </p><p>among the top 100 Best Places to Live in the United States.</p><p>In an effort to sharpen our appearance, we completed the Street Tree Program and trimmed hundreds of street trees and planted over 1,185 more. We cleaned 188 miles of sidewalks, curbs and medians; improved streets; and rehabilitated 43 homes. By adding mobile applications and a fleet of Code Ranger volunteers, we improved code violation reporting and code compliance.</p><p>Our efforts as environmental stewards, including the addition of water-saving fixtures and single-stream recycling, helped land us a silver award as a Florida Green Local Government. And through our public art program, supported by growth in the City, we added new bronze sculptures to North Community and Cypress Parks.</p><p>Revitalizing our EconomySpeaking of stewardship, our financial stability was reflected in the Citys AAA bond rating, positive year-end fund balances and a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association. </p><p>We increased business tax receipts 14 percent this year a solid indication that our City provides a good environment for nurturing commercial opportunities. As for other healthy indicators, the City issued 7,500 building permits, conducted more than 25,000 building inspections, and drew in over $2 million in permit revenue. </p><p>Our future business leaders got a boost this year from the establishment of the Broward College Coral Springs Academic Center, which enables citizens to participate in higher education without leaving the City. We also continued a student database outreach program to match employers to local graduating students and registered 11 businesses and more than 450 residents.</p><p>New public art was installed at North Community Park. </p><p>A Message from Your City Commission and City Manager</p></li><li><p>John J.Hearn</p><p>Dan Daley</p><p>LarryVignola</p><p>Vincent M.Boccard</p><p>ClaudetteBruck</p><p>Tom Powers</p><p>ErdalDonmez</p><p>City Attorney Commissioner Commissioner Mayor Commissioner Vice Mayor City Manager</p><p>3To read about the Citys Business Plan initiatives, visit</p><p>Reinvigorating our CommunityThis year, we kept our eyes open wide and saw a 60 percent decrease in car accidents at key intersections with the Red Light Camera program, and a 29 percent increase in burglary arrests with the Burglary Enforcement &amp; Reduction (BEAR) Task Force. Public safety extended to improved reporting of street light outages, the creation of the Nuisance Abatement Board, and the successful Make A Call, Make a Difference, program. One of our neighborhoods, Shadow Wood, even received a third-place award from Neighborhoods USA for its execution of the Crime Watch program.</p><p>We opened Fire Station 71 four weeks ahead of schedule and were recognized by the state as Fire Academy of the Year for the second time for our efforts to train firefighters locally, regionally and internationally.</p><p>As a community, we had plenty of fun together, with many unique and successful City-led events weve come to appreciate over the years: multi-day celebrations around MLK Day, WorldFest, CommuniTea, annual art and car shows, and </p><p>more. We initiated a Holiday Fun Run for families as part of the Holiday Parade a happy, healthy way to kick off the season.</p><p>A Caring CommunityAs a nation, we endured innumerable and unspeakable tragedies in 2012. We saw neighbors pull together and </p><p>support each other in their need and grief over personal losses. That kind of outreach cant be legislated, and no City program can accomplish what must come from the heart. But a community as special as Coral Springs was 50 years in the making. We have dedicated volunteers and City staff that spend countless hours in service to our community. Our businesses have made this their </p><p>home as much as their vocation.</p><p>We look forward to capturing the essence of this spirit in our new branding initiative, which is designed to tell the world about who we are, and invite new visitors, residents and businesses to share in everything that is good about our community.</p><p> The City of Coral Springs</p><p>Fire Station 71 opened in August 2012 and features three bays with </p><p>state-of-the-art bi-fold doors. </p></li><li><p>450th Anniversary PlanningTo prepare for the Citys half-century celebration </p><p>the City designed a special logo, launched the interactive website, and developed a multi-tiered </p><p>sponsorship package to engage the community. A volunteer 50th Anniversary committee selected </p><p>by the City Commission has helped plan a host a year-long festivities celebrating the July 10, 2013 anniversary date. </p><p>Closed Captioning City TVCity TV -- one of more than 27 communications vehicles </p><p>used to inform, educate and interact with citizens had largely been inaccessible to hearing-impaired residents. </p><p>That changed in June, when the City Commission broadcast included new closed captioning technology. </p><p>Additional programming will feature this service to better connect the City and the public it serves.</p><p>Web-based Crime ReportingWhen a crime happens in Coral Springs, residents </p><p>can now file a report immediately without tying up vital 911 resources. The Online Police Reporting System, accessible </p><p>from the Citys website, accepts reports of vandalism, harassing phone calls, identity theft, Petit Theft (under $300), lost or damaged property and other non-emergency crimes. </p><p>Citizens receive a case number just as if a report had been filed by a police officer and can print a free copy for their records.</p><p>City Hall Security ImprovementsAn Urban Areas Security Initiative grant from Homeland Security has enabled better protection for the City Hall complex. A Police </p><p>Department study identified shortcomings in the 1966-era building that originally served as a real estate sales office. To </p><p>enhance the safety of employees, volunteers, citizens and visitors, the City has installed secure doors and card access systems, cameras and alarms throughout City Hall North and South.</p><p>50Celebratingof Excellence</p><p>1963 2013</p><p>50Celebratingof Excellence</p><p>1963 2013</p><p>50Celebrating of Excellence1963 2013</p><p>50Celebrating of Excellence1963 2013</p><p>City of Coral Springs</p><p>50th Anniversary Celebration</p><p>9530 West Sample Road Coral Spring</p><p>s, Florida 33065 954-344-1162</p><p></p><p>Sponsorship Opportunities</p><p>The City Commission meetings now offer closed captioning technology.</p><p>Other Accomplishments22 residents graduated from the annual Government Academy, </p><p>where they learned about City services in a series of monthly interactive sessions.</p><p>Customer-Involved Government</p></li><li><p>City Marketing PlanThe City launched a marketing effort with branding agency North Star. Following a community survey, </p><p>the agency presented findings from the 571 responses to staff and the City Commission, and is working </p><p>with a Creative Committee of staff and volunteers to develop a concept and master marketing plan drawn from citizens insights. Why brand a city? </p><p>The benefits of creating a distinctive, recognizable image are far-reaching, affecting the economic </p><p>stability of the community. An effective, integrated brand that resonates with stakeholders </p><p>can attract and retain residents and businesses, contribute to a stronger economic base </p><p>with higher property values, and draw visitors.</p><p>Code Enforcement RangersWhether slipping on door hangers, sending out </p><p>delinquent Business Tax notifications or working on the street tree or street light programs, the Citys 15 volunteer </p><p>Code Rangers are a busy bunch. Cruising the City in converted former police vehicles, they supported code officers by conducting 6,398 code inspections in 2012, </p><p>achieving about 53 percent voluntary compliance.</p><p>Performance MeasuresFiscal Year 2012 Goal ActualOverall quality rating for City services and programs (Resident Survey) 92% 95%*Overall quality rating for City services by business owners (Business Survey) 92% 95%Number of citizen volunteer hours donated to the City of Coral Springs 42,000 38,943Overall rating of the City in terms of communicating with residents (Resident Survey) 88% 93%*Overall rating of the City in terms of communicating with businesses (Business Survey) 88% 81%Customer service rating by residents (Resident Survey) 90% 94%*Customer service rating by businesses (Business Survey) 90% 97%*Residential Survey was conducted in FY2011 and will be conducted again in FY2013.</p><p>5</p></li><li><p>Business DevelopmentThe Citys economic recovery hinges on maintaining a solid commercial and industrial tax base. In partnership with the </p><p>Economic Development Foundation (EDF), the City is increasing visibility of business vacancies through a new database using CoStar and foreclosure websites. Presently, 13 businesses that </p><p>are part of the Preferred Client Program are receiving assistance, which includes pre-conceptual meetings, pre-submittal </p><p>meetings and pre-construction meetings, all of which save the customer time in both the planning and zoning and building </p><p>departments. In 2012, 75 other businesses were assisted with financial advice, workforce development assistance, city processes, business planning and retention and expansion. </p><p>City Hall in the MallLocated in Coral Square Mall, City Hall in the Mall </p><p>is a one-stop shop for Coral Springs residents. The satellite office offers passport services, registering an alarm system, applying for a fence and wall permits </p><p>and other convenient services. As a result, City Hall in the Mall brings in half a million in revenues annually.</p><p>Commercial Faade ProgramWith the help of Community Development Block Grant funds from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the City re-established its commercial faade program to help small businesses, particularly along Sample and Wiles Roads, make structural and/or aesthetic changes to their storefronts. </p><p>The City has worked with three applicants for this program and architects began designing </p><p>for enhanced faades, lighting and signage.</p><p>6</p><p>Performance MeasuresFiscal Year 2012 Goal ActualMaintain AAA Bond Ratings: Moody Aaa, Fitch AAA, S&amp;P AAA AAA AAAResidents value rating for city taxes and fees (Resident Survey) 72% 72%*Non-residential value as percent of total taxable value 20% 27.4%*Residential Survey was conducted in FY2011 and will be conducted again in FY2013.</p></li><li><p>Financial StabilityThe Citys finances were reviewed by the three </p><p>major rating agencies and through their suggestions, we were able to maintain our AAA ratings. </p><p>The agencies praised us for our overall low debt levels, sound financial operations and for our conservative </p><p>debt and financial policies. The Citys financial stability was also reflected in the Citys positive year-end fund balances and a Certificate of Achievement </p><p>for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association. </p><p>Enhanced Code Enforcement Lien Reduction</p><p>Property owners facing liens and restrictions because of code violations had an opportunity to reduce their debts, as the City continued this initiative to stimulate residential </p><p>improvement. This year, original fine amounts of $9.2 million on 120 properties were reduced to $587,415. Since many </p><p>of these were foreclosures, the reductions allowed the liens to be lifted, and the houses to be sold and occupied.</p><p>7</p><p>Other AccomplishmentsThe City received $3 million in grants for vital </p><p>public safety and infrastructure projects. </p><p>FEMA awarded the City for the purchase of health and safety equipment for the Fire Department. </p><p>Welcoming New BusinessesBusiness tax receipts increased by 14 percent this year </p><p> a solid indication that our City provides a good environment for nurturing commercial opportunities. In a tough economy, </p><p>the City helped national retailers set up shop in the City Kohls, Marshalls, Sports Authority, ULTA and Aldi Supermarket. </p><p>Pension ReformThrough pension reform, the City will save </p><p>more than $35 million over the next 10 years. </p><p>Best Place to LiveMoney magazine recognized </p><p>Coral Springs as one of the 100 Best Places to Live in the nation. </p><p>This is the second time the City has garnered this title. </p><p>Money especially liked our amazing sports facilities </p><p>and programs.</p><p>The City also received two EMS matching grants from the Department of Health for the purchase of video laryngoscopes and chest compression devices. </p><p>$475,000 in cost reductions were realized through improved procurement methods.</p><p>Financial Health and Economic Development</p></li><li><p>8Cambridge Adv...</p></li></ul>


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