state of matter exam review rules for the game 1.everyone must solve the problem. 2.everyone must...

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1State of Matter Exam Review2Rules for the GameEveryone must solve the problem.Everyone must agree on the final answerFinal answers are written on the white board & ONLY shown when time is up.3A: Boiling C: Condensing

B: FreezingD: Melting

What is the process called when a solid turns into a liquid?4A: Solid to Liquid

C: Gas to a Liquid B: Liquid to GasD: Liquid to Solid

Condensation occurs when a substance changes state from: 5A: Speeding UpC: Lowering their EnergyB: Getting closer D: Slowing DownIn an endothermic change, molecules respond by.6A: Adhesion

C: CohesionB: Surface TensionD: ViscosityWhich liquid property explains why liquid molecules bond to themselves?7A: independent of TemperatureC: Completely RandomB: Inversely ProportionalD: Directly ProportionalThe parameters in Charles Law are considered to be:

8A: Glucose

C: HydrogenB: Plain YogurtD: Mixed Salad

Which is an example of a homogeneous mixture?9A: FlammabilityC: Reactivity to WaterB: InertD: Change in ColorWhich is not a chemical property?10A: Electrical Energy

C: Sound EnergyB: Heat EnergyD: Light EnergyWhich of the following forms of energy is released or absorbed in most chemical reactions?11A: Amorphous

C: ice

B: Crystalline

D: Metals

A solid whose molecules are randomly arranged together, with NO organized pattern is:12 A: Preparing rubber for tires

C: Burning a matchB: Cutting wood for lumberD: Toasting BreadWhich of the following processes is a physical change?13A: ViscosityC: Surface TensionB: CohesionD: AdhesionThe property of liquid bonding to other surfaces is known as14 A: New Molecules are formed.C: The arrangement of the Molecules changes.

B: The mass of the sample Is increased.

D: Energy is absorbed by The molecules

As a sample of water turns to ice, 15SA: Homogeneous Mixture

C: Heterogeneous Mixture

B: Solution

D: Compound

What is a pure substance that is made from 2 or more elements?16A: ConstantC: Directly ProportionalB: Inversely ProportionalD: independent of PressureThe parameters in Boyles Law are considered to be:17A: Speed UpC: Get CloserB: Gain EnergyD: Spread ApartAn exothermic condition, causes molecules to 18A: SublimationC: EvaporationB: CondensationD: VaporizationWhen a solid turns into gas by skipping the liquid phase it is undergoing19A: BubblesC: New OdorB: Boiling D: Color ChangeWhich would not be a sign of a chemical reaction?20A: FreezingC: EvaporationB: MeltingD: VaporizationWhen an liquid changes to a solid it is undergoing:21A:C:B:D:text22A:C:B:D:text23A:C:B:D:text24A:C:B:D:text25A:C:B:D:text26A:C:B:D:text27A:C:B:D:text28A:C:B:D:text29A:C:B:D:text30A:C:B:D:text31A:C:B:D:text32A:C:B:D:text33A:C:B:D:text34text35