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  • 1. F o o d & W i n e C a l e n d a r S p r i n g 2 0 1 2

2. Spring Wine Trends Tickle your nose, mouth and mind this Spring - aromatic white wines are in. From the Pacific Northwest to as far away as Western Europe, winemakers are focusing on the freshness and aromas of their wines. So what characterizes an aromatic white? The general consensus among industry professionals is: avoid the use of new oak barrels during the winemaking process and use stainless steel tanks to maintain the vibrancy of the fruit. By using a neutral material during winemaking, the grape imparts its own natural fruit and aromatic compounds to the final product. This develops powerful aromas of fruit, flowers and citrus. Leading the pack of aromatic white grape varietals are the racy Riesling, Pinot Gris, and the difficult to pronounce Gewrztraminer (meaning spicy grape in German) - for short Gewurz. These grapes all reach their fullest aromatic potential in cool locations such as Alsace, Germany and the Willamette Valley, Oregon. Venture out and taste.. Try the Elk Cove Pinot Gris from Oregon. This family owned winery produces a wine with crispness and orchard fruit quality that will not disappoint. The wine is light-bodied, full of ripe peach aromas and pear flavors. To pair: think pan-seared halibut or goat cheese salad. Another recommendation is the Domaine Paul Blanck Gewrztraminer, from Alsace, France: its the pineapple wine! Really. It tastes like pineapple with baking spices. The wine is dry but deceives the palate with its fruitiness. It is an excellent pairing for tuna tartare or with spicy dishes. And lets not forget the Riesling. Oftenmisunderstoodforbeingtoosweet,theGunderloch Jean Baptiste Riesling from Germany displays a key lime pie quality. It is sweet enough with just the right amount of tartness. Pair with a side of grilled foie gras and you have a match made in heaven. So are you in for a palate adjustment this Spring? TALK ABOUT WINE Open Daily 7:00 am to 10:30 pm Reservations 305.445.8066 ext. 2407 Premium Wines Sumptuous Breezes Unforgettable Eats Exquisite Italian and Grilled Specialties e Extensive Wine List Showcasing Selections From Around The World Chef de Cuisine Betania Salles Cindy Woodman, Sommelier 3. Ingredients: CHEF'S COOKBOOK Zagats 2012 Highest Scoring Restaurant & Wine List Tuesday - Saturday Evenings Reservations 305.445.8066 ext. 2411 Seductive French Cuisine and Extraordinary Wines Take Center Stage at Palme dOr Four Stars Sun SentinelPeel carrots and turnips. Blanch the different vegetables one by one in salted boiling water until fully cooked and refresh them in an iced water bath. Drain all vegetables and put them on a clean towel to make sure they are dry. In a mixing bowl season all the vegetables with the balsamic vinegar and basil oil. Add salt and pepper, and marinate in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Mix them every 10 minutes. Arrange 3 slices of speck prosciutto in the middle of a plate to form a little net. Display nicely all vegetables inside the nest. Drizzle the rest of the vinaigrette on the top and around the prosciutto, Decorate with flower petals, pink pepper corn and Fleur de sel. Bon Apptit! To Prepare: Seasonal Baby Vegetable Salad Speck Prosciutto & Basil Oil Vinaigrette 4 each Baby Zucchini 4 each Baby Carrot 8 each Snow Peas 4 oz. Fava Beans 4 each Baby Turnip 4 each Patty Pan Squash Tomato Conft (semi-dried tomatoes in olive oil) 8 each Baby White Asparagus 4 oz. English Peas 12 thin slices Speck Prosciutto (Italian Smoked cured ham) 4 oz. Basil Oil 2 oz. Aged Balsamic Vinegar 1 oz. Mix Flower Confetti 1 oz. Micro Chive Salt, Pepper to taste Fleur de sel to taste Pink Pepper Corns for garnish To Serve: 4. Where were you born and raised? Chris: The island of Jamaica. Tanya: I was born in Jamaica and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of five and was raised in Miami. Do you speak any other languages? Chris: I speak Spanish fluently. Tanya: I try my best with Spanglish. What do you love most about your career? Chris: As President of two of the largest Lexus and Toyotadealerships in the country,I get theopportunity to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life. Tanya:IamtheownerandheadchefofTangoMango Events. I love having no limits in being creative with food and event planning. Seeing my clients happy and enjoying themselves is truly rewarding. What are some of your favorite travel destinations when you want to get away? Chris: Jamaica, of course, and Prague. Tanya: For food, fun and shopping, I choose Spain. For total relaxation, that would definitely be Port Antonio, Jamaica. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take three things, what would they be and why? Chris: My swim goggles and running shoes for sure. So I can train, as well as hunt for seafood and other foods. Also my grill to cook those great meals! Tanya: I would take a case of fabulous Champagne, a great book and my iPod. Do you have a favorite cuisine or food item? Chris: Indian. Im fascinated by the culture and the amazing spices that are used in there cuisine. Tanya: I also love Indian cuisine. The flavors are like no other. However, my favorite dish would have to be the mousseline potato & caviar at the Palme dOr. Is there a particular interest that plays a personal role in your life? Chris: I am a triathlete and love to exercise. This keeps me healthy and helps me avoid a lot of our everyday stress. Tanya: My personal interest are my three children. They bring love and laughter to everyone around them. Keep laughing...it makes the world a better place and keeps it going round! My other personal interests are the three charity organizations that I am part of. They are a special part of me that I look forward to every year. What has been the most memorable experience (so far!) that you have had at the Biltmore? Chris: We celebrate a lot of our anniversaries and birthdays here. I am sure Tanya will say her birthday when we stayed in the hotel for the weekend with the culinary luncheon, then on the Saturday dinner at Palme dOr, followed by Sunday spent under a cabana by the poolside. Tanya: Where to begin? The spa is the closest thing to heaven on earth! Spending relaxing quality time with family and friends in the tranquil tropical surroundings of the cabanas! Also, the interactive luncheons are like no other! What do you love most about Miami? Chris: The tropical weather and the outdoors. Tanya: Miami is unique in so many ways. It is very diverse. I love my city! The different cultures, the different foods, the beautiful climate, the beautiful people ( am I sounding too biased? ). Who could ask for more? How has the Premier Membership enhanced your personal and professional life? Chris: Time at the Biltmore is quality time for Tanya, the kids and myself. A weekend here is like a small vacation. I have had the good fortune of meeting a lot of people in the Cellar Club, as well as others who have become clients and that I have also reciprocated. Tanya: The Premier Membership has enhanced our lives both professionally and personally. We have had many priceless and memorable times at the Biltmore. Weve met and made amazing friends, to say the least. MEMBERS & AFICIONADOS Tanya & Christopher Roberts 5. Legends Wine Tasting & Dinner Hosted by Ivana Trump Saturday, April14 EXCITING HAPPENINGS Interactive Champagne Lanson Black label Brut Luncheon with Chef Timon Balloo of Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill Saturday, May 19 Take strong determination, dedication, and a culinary background from Johnson and Wales University, and you get one of South Floridas most talked- about chefs. Chef Timon Balloo will give you a unique culinary experience that will leave you with a whole new perception on the art of cooking. See Calendar for Details. Interactive Champagne Laurent-Perrier Luncheon with Chef Michael Jacobs of Strategic Hospitality Group and American Airlines Arena Saturday, March 17 Creator of Strategic Hospitality Group and Chef to the Stars of the Miami Heat, Chef Michael Jacobs comes to the Biltmore ready to take on the challenge of Interactive Host. Don your aprons and raise a glass of Champagne in what is sure to be an afternoon of great food and fun. Interactive Champagne Perrier-Jout, Brut Luncheon with Chef Joel Huff of Azul at the Mandarin Saturday, April 21 Ready. Set. Cook! Raise a toast with Champagne Perrier-Jout and join Chef Joel Huff who brings with him over two decades of experience and culinary wisdom. Ivana Trump brings her Legends to the Biltmore Champagne Lanson Black Label, Brut Reception & Michael Arias Art Exhibition Wednesday, May 9 Born into a family of artists, Michael Arias studied art all throughout his life. After an exercising accident left him paralyzed from the chest down, Michael was unable to continue painting. After many years, and with the help and encouragement of a friend, Michael was able to start painting once more. From this, a new era to his artwork was born; abstract expressionism. Joinusforanunforgettable evening of wine-tasting and history! The Biltmore proudly welcomes our Premier members and guests to join us in the Global Launching of Ivana Blue, a special Champagne created by glamorous socialite and trendsetter Ivana Trump. Ms. Trump has partnered with Their Last Suppers author and chef Andrew Caldwell, known worldwide as The History Chef, to create a magical trio of fine wines from the vineyards of Sonoma Valley, California. In addition to Ivana Blue, members and guests will also sample the Legends wines, created by Ms. Trump to celebrate the lives of unique individuals. A not-to-be missed event! 6. S E E N A T T H E S C E N E Gina Sabatino & Hilary Metz Emily Kierce Michael Yorio & Monique Graciotti Allen & Eileen PineiroLuly & Eric Diaz Jaime Greene, Christina Morales, Olivia Minnis, & JC Santana Maria Vanderbeist & Richard Perez Premier Members Holiday Party L