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A document that looks at successful and not so successful sponsorships and activation in music and sport, by banks and financial institutions. The document includes the opinion of Jez Jowett, Global VP Digital & Social Media, in what activities have been successful, particularly with digital and social media. This document is a short version of deeper analysis that is carried out by the Havas Sports and Entertainment sponsorship team and contains some insights from a recently published report on successful music sponsorships. If you would like to find out more or receive this report then please contact us via our website


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  • Neds Journey to the Superbowl NFL - Visa Visa NFL_ Ned_s Journey To The Super Bowl (extended version) on youtube) Assets. Promotions. Great commercial. Not brought to life. Havas Sports & Entertainment 11
  • Neds Journey to the Superbowl NFL - Visa Promotions Social Media Events Page Social Media On-going YouTube Advergaming TV Spot Havas Sports & Entertainment 12
  • Neds Journey to the Superbowl NFL - Visa Assets. Promotions. Great commercial. Not brought to life. Havas Sports & Entertainment 13
  • American Express US Open Championship Experience Championship Experience Museum & touchscreens Swing analysis, giveaways, fitness CourseCast Radio & TV Interactive walls Mobile apps & Social Members VIP Chalet News, leaders, fun facts Members Concierge inc. B2B and partners & US Open Havas Sports & Entertainment 14
  • American Express US Open American-Express-Golf,-US-Open-2011 on youtube) Innovative, relevant, utility, loyalty. Social sharing. Havas Sports & Entertainment 15
  • DNB Banking Sponsorship of Norwegian Broadcasting Boys Choir on youtube) Relevance. WOM. 2m calls. (Pop. 4.9m) Havas Sports & Entertainment 16
  • Seattle Bank Debit Card Ultimate fan card with the Seahawkes Simple. Personal. Easy to leverage players and in-stadia. Havas Sports & Entertainment 17
  • Best Activation in Music Sponsorship Bank and Finance 02 Havas Sports & Entertainment 18
  • Music Festival Study Insights Fans are willing to embrace brands 76.7% of festival fans have a positive perception of activations 32.5% of fans at festivals would 36% of fans agreed that they visit the brands website once the are more likely to purchase, as festival was over a result of the sponsorship Havas Sports & EntertainmentSource: Havas Sports & Entertainment 2011 19
  • Barclaycard Wireless Festival Visa, MasterCard NFC & RFID payband Havas Sports & Entertainment 20
  • KBC Bank Todays Youth for Yesterdays Youth Havas Sports & Entertainment 21
  • KBC Bank Todays Youth for Yesterdays Youth Today_s Youth For Yesterday_s Youth on youtube) Engaging. Community. Fame. New customers. Loyalty. Havas Sports & Entertainment 22
  • Heineken Jammin Festival Cool Down Zone Main Stand The Served Extra Cold


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