Spanish III Syllabus 2014 - 2015 molinam/Spanish III Syllabus 2014...Spanish III Syllabus 2014 - 2015 ... Prentice Hall Realidades 3 ... Captulo 9 Cuidemos nuestro planeta Required Materials: 1.

Download Spanish III Syllabus 2014 - 2015  molinam/Spanish III Syllabus 2014...Spanish III Syllabus 2014 - 2015 ... Prentice Hall Realidades 3 ... Captulo 9 Cuidemos nuestro planeta Required Materials: 1.

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  • Sebring High School

    Spanish III Syllabus 2014 - 2015

    Profesora Molina (863) 471-5500 x25 Email:

    Textbook: Prentice Hall Realidades 3

    Course Description:

    Spanish 3 provides mastery and expansion of skills acquired by the students in Spanish 2. Specific content

    includes, but is not limited to, expansions of vocabulary and conversational skills through discussions of selected

    readings. Contemporary vocabulary stresses activities which are important to the everyday life of the target

    language-speaking people.

    Spanish III - Sequence of work to be covered during the school year.

    Chapters Themes

    Para Empezar Mapas, Why study Spanish?, Tu vida diaria, and Das especiales

    Captulo 1 Das inolvidables

    Captulo 2 Cmo te expresas?

    Captulo 3 Qu haces para estar en forma?

    Captulo 4 Cmo te llevas con los dems?

    Captulo 5 Trabajo y comunidad

    Captulo 6 Qu nos traer el futuro?

    Captulo 7 Mito o realidad?

    Captulo 8 Encuentro entre culturas

    Captulo 9 Cuidemos nuestro planeta

    Required Materials:

    1. Notebook for Agenda 2. Loose paper (Do not depend on your classmate kindness, you must use your own paper) 3. *3 ring binder divided into five sections:

    a. Escritura/Writing b. Gramtica/Grammar c. Cultura-Lectura/Culture-Reading d. Vocabulario/Vocabulary e. Documentos/Handouts

    Evaluation and Grading System:


    25% - Assignment, Homework, Bellwork, Classwork (Practice)

    25% - Quiz, Dictation (Formative)

    25% - Unit tests (Summative)

    25% - Projects, Presentation, Binders (Organization)

  • Grading Scale: A = 90-100%

    B = 80-89%

    C = 70-79%

    D = 60-69%

    F = 0-59%

    Absences/Classwork/Homework/Assessments: Attendance is a vital part of student success If the student is not present, he/she will and have two (2) A/B days upon their return to school to make up the work. If the student is late, he or she must have a tardy pass. Homework: In order to continue the development of language skills on a daily basis, students are assigned on a regular basis Late work is not accepted. COPYING homework is cheating and will result in grade of zero for all students involved and a referral must be served to all.

    CLASSROOM RULES: Once you have entered the classroom:

    1. Enter the classroom quietly. 2. Take out your homework and put it in the correct basket. 3. Copy the agenda and answer the bellwork. 4. Stay on task, Listen, Participate! 5. Turn in your class work in the appropriate basket. 6. Stay in your seat until the bell rings!

    Students who choose to disrupt the learning process will be subject to the following steps:

    1. Verbal warning 2. Lunch detention

    3. Two Lunch detentions 4. Office referral and teacher-student conference (call home)

    NOTE: Referral will also be given immediately in extreme cases.

    A Letter to Parents: Hola! My name is Seora Mildred Molina, and I am delighted to be your sons / daughters Spanish teacher for the

    upcoming year. This will be my 14th year in Highlands County. It will be my third year in Sebring High School. The previews

    twelve years I was at the elementary level.

    I am a native Spanish speaker and I intend to teach the class with as much Spanish as possible. I feel that total

    immersion is the best approach in order to learn a second language. I will make every effort to remain consistent with the

    expectations and goals of this course through the semester. I can promise that I will make every attempt to make this class fun

    and meaningful for your child. My school email is: Please take the time to review the course

    syllabus, classroom rules and grading policy with your son/daughter. Sign this form once you have read and reviewed them.

    Please include any comments you may have and that will assist me to be aware of your needs and/or the needs of your child in

    the Comments section.

    Muchas gracias! (Thank you!)

  • Sra. Mildred Molina

    Spanish III Class:

    ***By signing this document the student and the parents confirm knowledge and accept every detail in the syllabus for the Spanish III class of Sra. Molina at Sebring High School. After signing, please return this page to Sra. Molina.

    Student Name (Print) _______________________ Period: _____ Student signature: __________________________________ Parent Name (Print) _________________________________ Parent signature: ___________________________________ Date: ____________ COMMENTS: ________________________________________________________________





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