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<p> 1. Spanish Institute of Puebla WEL-COME TO 2. The Institute is constantly upgraded with the latest in teaching equipment and materials, as well as, state of the art facilities. The Spanish Institute of Puebla is also strategically placed within walking distance of most of the tourist attractions of Puebla including: The Catedral, The Zcalo [main plaza], the Theater, the market, many museums, many colonial Churches, the library, the Post Office, and many restaurants and cafes. 3. The Spanish Institute of Puebla is the leading Spanish Language School in Mexico, specialized in teaching the Spanish language and its culture through a total Spanish Immersion program in Mexico. We offer 30 hours a week of instruction; more than any other well know Spanish Language School. Spanish Immersion 4. Learn the Spanish Language from The Spanish Institute of Puebla, highly regarded Spanish Language School specialized in teaching the Spanish language and its culture through Intensive Immersion program in Mexico (from 3 weeks to 24 weeks.) 5. The Spanish Institute of Puebla is the favorite place for diplomats, doctors, actors, business people, students, etc. to take Spanish classes. Founded in 1984, the institute is offering Spanish Classes based in Puebla, Mexico. It is the only American-owned Spanish Language School teaching the Spanish language and culture in Mexico. Spanish Classes 6. Learn the Spanish language in Mexico from Native Speakers. Our Classrooms are equipped with ergonomic adjustable chairs, large desks, large white-boards, overhead projectors, fluorescent lighting, WiFi, acoustic walls, etc. 7. Website: Phone no: (512) 380-1030 Free Call: 1 (800) 554-2951 Today Contact Us At 8. -: Address :- Spanish Institute of Puebla 10104 Hosta Cove Austin, Tx 78750 Country: USA </p>