spa 2014 workshop: what do developers really need?

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Explore factors about work environment and culture that make software development easier. Come to this workshop to explore what factors developers need in their process and environment to make their time at work enjoyable and productive. We’ll be doing a group exercise to build a “programmer hierarchy of needs” based on your own experiences. We’ll then use this to focus discussion around what improvements typically have most beneficial impact and which ones are worth pursuing over others. Workshop at SPA2014 with Dadi Ingolfsson


  • 1. Coaching teams through change @rachelcdavies WHAT DO DEVELOPERS REALLY NEED? Rachel Davies & Dadi Ingolfsson

2. AND YOU? 3. EXPLORE DEVELOPER NEEDS 4. WORKSHOP 5. NEEDS? 6. POSTERS! 7. GUIDE Necessary Optional 8. APPROACH On your own brainstorm developer needs In groups create developer needs poster Gallery - walk about Regroup - what needs would you focus on? Each group shares their insights Closing thoughts 9. ENVIRONMENT TRUST TEAM VALUE QUALITY HIERACHY OF DEVELOPER NEEDS 10. THANK YOU