SOPs for projects evaluation and management 2005 Zug, January 2005.

Download SOPs for projects evaluation and management 2005 Zug, January 2005.

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SOPs for projects evaluation and management 2005 Zug, January 2005 Slide 2 Contents Project categories Evaluation objectives Project Management Process Project Application format Project evaluation criteria Slide 3 The Foundation engages in 3 categories of projects: Public Call Research Projects (PCRP) Foundation communication projects, e.g Wyeth Forum Wyeth projects Slide 4 Project evaluation objectives Implement projects which are in line with Foundation vision, objectives within the given strategic frames Provide the information basis for project priority setting (Board) Provide basis to assure adequate resource allocation from a Foundation point of view (Board) Provide basis for additional external resource acquisition (co-funding, project-partnerships) Slide 5 General project evaluation & management process Projects Submission Scientific Commission Evaluation Board Approval Partner Agreements Implemen- tation Foundation Office Monitoring A)Short-Listing B)Project evaluation (detailed) with external experts Slide 6 Types of research projects Research & Education projects Studies/Analysis Clinical Public health - Epidemiologic - Health-economics - Prevention Education Medical profession Patients Communication projects Scientific/Public events Advocacy projects Slide 7 Board Public Call Research Project Procedure (PCRP) 2005 Decision Project Short List Scientific Committee Project Evaluation Scientific Committee Decision Project Funding November Forum 30 April Evaluation finalised Project Start Pre-application deadline 15 March 30 June Public Call Preliminary Evaluation Application deadline 30 May 1 October Slide 8 Initiative/Project Application formate 1. What: Short description of initiative 2. Why: Medical or public rationale for project 3. Benefits: What are the benefits to whom 4. Consequences: Costs, required resources 5. Success measures: Parameters to measure success 6. Potential partnerships: 3 rd parties for collaborative work 7. Additional 7.1 How methods and materials 7.2 Project timeline, cost estimate and milestones 7.3 CVs of applicants 7.4 Potential conflict of interests 7.5 Long-term consequences Slide 9 Project pre-evaluation criteria 1.Within scope of foundation 2.Degree of innovation 3.Benefits to the patient 4.Added value to the society 5.Scientific and medical relevance 6.3 rd party collaborative interest 7.Estimated public health cost-benefit ratio 8.Adequacy of resources needed 123 Max: 24 Points LowHigh Slide 10 Categorization of evaluated projects A: Chance of success: high ( 3 points) B: Chance of success: medium (2 points) C: Chance of success: low (1 point) D: Discarded (0 points)


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