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Social Media and Online Presence

Social Media, Marketing and Online Presence

Produced by:Brittany Bates For Perrel Management

February 5, 2015

Optimizing Current Websites, Marketing and MediaEnsure all site information is accurateAll pictures are up to date and appealing to the eyeThe following pictures are factors that can quickly affect prospects opinions.

First Impression from Current SiteAll the apartments have an open concept kitchen that is not displayed here.

Countertops are cluttered and give the impression of limited countertop space. Panoramic pictures can capture more space and give prospects a better feel of the open concept.

Make the Rent Worth ItGive the Perrel Impression

By modernizing the layout and furniture of the room, it makes prospects see the true value.

Low income does not mean low value.

Make future and current residents excited to scroll though the property website.

By maintaining up to date furnishings with current trends it will be easier to sell the experience of the property.

All websites should maintain the Perrel standard, and be congruent

Ensure consistencyInformation needs to be consistent across all sitesConflicting information can turn away future residentsBeing aware of all ads and content will help bring informed and qualified prospects

What to Work On: Take advantage of free advertising: ie. Google Reviews, Facebook and other current Perrel direct web pagesGoogle, Facebook and direct websites are sources that residents go to for informationMaximize marketing exposure and potential

What is needed?Social Media Marketing DirectorSocial Media Marketing Director maintains social media and online presence while marketing through new avenues. Ensures web-based advertising consistency and accuracy.

Benefits of a Social Media Marketing Director

One central person to maintain Perrel standards on websites and social media that shows consistency and uniformity. Fewer hands in the pot to help avoid misinformation across all advertising and social media websites.By having one person with this role, they are able to flood the internet with updates and announcements, thus ensuring the latest and most accurate information.

Social Media Marketing Director IdeasFacebook - optimize potential for current residents and prospects.Use Facebook as a suggestion box, promote parties and events. Keep it updated daily. Prospects seeing Management and resident interaction in a positive and supportive manner draws renters in. With sites like Facebook you are able to control the content that is visible and change/ update any location information in real time.

PinterestA majority of renters are using online tools to make their decisions. The more links to and from our sites leads to more opportunities to sell the Perrel experience. Pinterest can help make a sale - Hurdles of space or layout can be overcome if you have tip and ideas already laid out on a Pinterest board. Visuals are always better than words.


ImplementationFull analysis of Perrel marketing and internet presence across all propertiesAcquiring access to existing accountsCreating and Managing multiple internet accountsFacebookPinterestGoogle ReviewsCraigslistApartment RatingsDirect Perrel Websites

Future EndeavorsExpanding to other websitesConsistent research and updates to keep with social media trendsTwitterGoogle PlusLinkedInInstagramYouTubeFlagship - to increase military exposure

Questions?Please contact Brittany Bates for more information



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