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Measuring the relationship between social media and mobile applications


<ul><li> 1. Social Media andMeasurement of Mobile ApplicationsBY: BRENDAN BROWN</li></ul> <p> 2. PurposeResearch the history of mobile applicationsResearch the sales revenue of mobile appsIdentify the top leading appsIdentify the correlation between social media and mobile apps 3. RQ 1- What is the history behind mobile apps?Mobile applications are defined as software applications developed specifically for use onsmall, wireless computing devices, such as smartphones and tablets, rather than desktopor laptop computers.Mobile apps date back to the 20th century. They started out as games, ring tone editors,calculators, and calendars. 4. Early Apps 5. History of Mobile ApplicationsAs cell phone technology began to advance, so did the apps. After thedevelopment of smartphones and tablets, the development and variety ofapps began to increase.Some of the operating systems for smartphones, like Mac iOS, Android,Windows Mobile, Symbian, and RIM, have worked with and developed third-partysoftware, beyond the typical software that cell phone suppliers carry. 6. RQ 2- How much have apps grossed?As of June 2014, Apple has sold over 70 billion apps since the creation oftheir app store and $4.6 billion worth of apps as well.All Mac iOS devices account for 13% of the worlds smartphone users andthe remaining 87% are Android users.As of June 2014, both direct and indirect sales for mobile applications, intotal, have grossed roughly about $25 billion. 7. Mobile Application RevenueThe Google App Store has the largest selection of apps, with about 1.3million readily available for their users.Apple is in second place will about 1.2 million.Rounding out the top five is Windows Phone Store (300,000), AmazonAppstore (240,000), and Blackberry World (130,000). 8. Mobile App Revenue (cont.)Other popular mobile apps are: YouTube, Pandora Radio, Google Maps, andYahoo Stocks 9. Mobile AnalyticsOrganizations and businesses create apps for a number of reasons.For example, American Eagle Outfitters created a mobile app with the intentto display their clothing line and increase customer engagement through itsdigital channel. 10. RQ 3- What does developers measure?When developing mobile apps, developers take into consideration appmetrics like the number of unique users, number of active users, visitortraffic, abandonment, social referrals, custom variables and more.It should also capture performance-related metrics such as number ofcrashes, load time at launch, load time per view and the number of timesdeleted. 11. Social Media and the AppsCreate consistency!Being consistent in the way an organization or business measures itsanalytics will provide a solid baseline for future analyses and will provideexcellent context as the organization or business grows its digital facet.Also, app developers want to help create brand consistency as well asinterlinking between different social mediums. 12. ReferencesBhatia, N. (2014, May 12). Using Analytics to Measure Mobile App Success. Retrieved November 7, 2014.Clark, J. (2014, January 1). History of Mobile Applications: Theory and Practice of Mobile Applications.Retrieved November 7, 2014, from of Mobile Apps.pdfNumber of apps available in leading app stores 2014 | Statistic. (2014, July 1). Retrieved November 8, 2014,from, M. (2014, April 3). The 10 Most Popular Smartphone Apps in the U.S. [CHART]. RetrievedNovember 7, 2014, from, D. (2014, July 23). APPLE'S SECRET WEAPON: App Store Sales. Retrieved November 7, 2014.Rouse, M., &amp; Wigmore, I. (2013, December 1). Mobile app. Retrieved November 7, 2014. </p>