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My presentation on Social Media and Documentary Film for the DC Docu


  • 1.Hi! Im David

2. My StuffHeres one of my YouTube Channels: heres my 1 year old social media company: 3. My StuffAnd heres The First Basket on The DailyShow: 4. Social Media 101Listen first!Find your communities!Engage in conversations!Social media takes time! 5. Social Media and Docs Learn about your subject and the peopleinterested Engage the films communities Promote fundraising events andscreenings RAISE MONEY!!! Promote the film Distribute your film online 6. The Socialized VideoExperience YouTube Vimeo Get Glue A thousand others that I havent evenheard of 7. Social Media and DocsThe Future - Media convergence Where do you watch video? Cable? (make booing and hissing sound!) Hulu, YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon, iTunes? BitTorrent? 8. Social Media and Docs The Future - Media convergence The Future of Video is Social Social viewing, i.e. G+ Hangouts Social filmmaking, collaborativeproduction 9. Enough about me Who are you guys?Any doc filmmakers?Any aspiring doc filmmakers?What are you working on? 10. Social Media and DocsFundraising! Kickstarter (From TechDirt): 11. Social Media and DocsWhat I did Dialed for dollars Grew email list, sent emails Set up good website and Facebook Group Limited Twitter Some SEO (Google Jewish Basketball) 12. Social Media and Docs What should I do next You tell me? What should you guys do? Whats your doc about? 13. Quick, Free Social Media Tools ForEvents The Internet Society List on Eventbrite Have everybody post the Eventbrite link on alltheir social media profiles Email entire chapter member list on MailChimpfrom Eventbrite Create Facebook event Post Event on LinkedIn Group Target a few influencers to post the event 14. Quick, Free Social Media Tools ForEvents 15. Quick, Free Social Media Tools ForEvents 16. Case In Point: Kony 2012 Uploaded March 5 Over 67 million views!!! Hundreds of thousands in contributions duringthe first few days Responded to criticism very effectively Daring social media strategy Check this site out: