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Social Learning Framework (v0.6)

Social Learning Framework (v0.3)Aparna Nagaraj, June 2014

Onboard EarlyExample Profile:CoPs - Sponsored / Moderated by Academy, COE, BUMake it easyMake it easy to Build Personal Learning NetworkHelp learners build their PLN, based on their profile

Encourage Working Out LoudUse MicrobloggingLeaders Work out Loud

System capabilityMake Sharing EasyShare from anywhere in a single click

Recognize SharingSystem capable of identifying SME of CoPs by their sharing indexLeaders and Teams find whom to approach for focused helpBring Expert Consultation to WorkplaceWhen CoPs and Job Aids have already been used, yet insufficient Bring an SME to Workplace for Consulted help in solving a problemIf SME recommends up-skilling the team as long term solutionProvide a Learning Path to up-skillFormal Training as the last resortSME helps in updating / creating a job aidSocial Learning FrameworkLearn from others, Reflect, Share to othersLearn from what others shareShare bookmarks, microblogs, comments with minimal clicksLeaders show the wayDefine SME by their sharing indexFocused connect with SME9Make way for Social LearningFacilitate CoPsHelp build PLNLet learning paths and content be personalized and rated by learnerMake it easy to Find, Organize, Personalize and ShareRecognize sharingAcademySystemBU LeadersWork out LoudHelp create/update a repository of Job AidsWorkplace LearningWorkplace Learning - NeedLearning to prepare for changeExperienced membersLearning FunctionRecommend CoPs, Team communities to JoinListen inLearn from12Provide Daily Learning Flows to stimulate learning through the learning path3Personalize the Learning PathUndergo formal learningSuggest to Refine Learning Path456LearnerLearning in the course of workOn facing a problem to solve,When the problem repeats in the future, in another team How can a Self-Directed Learner make use of this?Build a Performance Support SystemPerformance SupportFor Self-Directed LearnersIn the moment of Need

Is a Community of Practice available to go to?1616Search and Ask

17Solve It

18Narrate Work

Is there a knowledgebase to add a new job aid to? 19Share

Personal Learning Network Is it easy to share to?Is Collaborative bookmarking available?20


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